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  • Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island (/ˈnɔrfək ˈlənd/; Norfuk: Norf'k Ailen) is a small island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, 1,412 kilometres (877 mi) directly east of mainland Australia's Evans Head, and about 900 kilom…

  • Kingston, Norfolk Island

    Kingston (Norf'k laengwij Daun a'Taun) is the capital of the Australian South Pacific Territory of Norfolk Island. The vice-regal, legislative, administrative and judicial offices are all located in Kingston.

  • Norfolk Island Airport

    Norfolk Island Airport (IATA: NLK, ICAO: YSNF) is the only airport on Norfolk Island, an external territory of Australia. The island is located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia.

  • Burnt Pine

    Burnt Pine (Norfuk language Ban Pain) is the largest town on Norfolk Island. It is the main commercial hub of the island, and travel from one side of the island to another generally involves passing through Burnt Pine.

  • Janelle Patton

    Janelle Patton was a 29-year-old Sydney woman who was murdered on Norfolk Island on 31 March 2002. The case made national headlines in Australia and New Zealand, as she was the first person to be murdered on Norfolk Island since 1893.

  • Phillip Island (Norfolk Island)

    Phillip Island is an uninhabited island located 6 km (3.7 mi) south of Norfolk Island in the Southwest Pacific, and part of the Norfolk Island group. It was named in 1788 by Lieutenant Philip Gidley King for Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of New…

  • Nepean Island (Norfolk Island)

    Nepean Island is a small uninhabited island located at (29°04′S167°57′E), about 1 km south off a golf course on Norfolk Island in the Southwest Pacific. It was named in 1788 by Lieutenant Philip Gidley King for Evan Nepean, Under Secretary of the H…

  • Norfolk Island National Park

    Norfolk Island National Park is a protected area of 6.50 km² established in 1984 and managed by the Commonwealth of Australia. It comprises two sections, the Mount Pitt section on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean with an area of 4.60 km² an…

  • Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area

    Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area is an old settlement on the Kingston coastal plains (bounded by hills), southern side of Norfolk Island, consisting of a large group of buildings from the British Empire's convict era (1788–1855), now consider…

  • Mount Bates

    Mount Bates is the highest point of Norfolk Island, an external territory of Australia, at 319 metres (1,047 ft) above sea level.