Latitude and longitude of Phillip Island (Norfolk Island)

Satellite map of Phillip Island (Norfolk Island)

Phillip Island is an uninhabited island located 6 km (3.7 mi) south of Norfolk Island in the Southwest Pacific, and part of the Norfolk Island group. It was named in 1788 by Lieutenant Philip Gidley King for Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of New South Wales. It is part of the Australian territory of Norfolk Island. It is included in Norfolk Island National Park, as is neighbouring Nepean Island, and about 10 per cent of Norfolk Island proper. Phillip Island has an area of 190 hectares (470 acres), measuring 2.1 km (1.3 mi) from west to east and 1.95 km (1.21 mi) from north to south, with the highest point, Jacky Jacky, 280 m (920 ft) above sea level. It is roughly shaped like a hairdryer with the nozzle pointing east. The island is of volcanic origin, made of basaltic tuff and lava dating from the Miocene epoch.

Latitude: -29° 06' 60.00" S
Longitude: 167° 56' 59.99" E

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