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  • Kanmaw Kyun

    Kanmaw Kyun or Kanmaw Island is an island in the Andaman Sea along the coast of southeastern Burma (Myanmar), and is part of the Mergui Archipelago. Administratively, it is located in Kyunsu Township, Myeik District, in the Taninthayi Region. On the…

  • Injangyang Township

    Injangyang Township (also Njangyang Township; Burmese: အင်ဂျန်းယန်မြို့နယ်) is a township of Myitkyina District in the Kachin State of Burma (Myanmar). The principal town and administrative center is Injangyang.

  • Fushan Si Temple

    Fushan Si Temple (Chinese: 福山寺; pinyin: Fúshān Sì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hok-san-sī; Burmese: ကုက္ကိုင်းဘုရားကျောင်း; also spelt Fu Shan Si or Fu Sun Si), located on Kaba Aye Pagoda Road in Bahan Township, Yangon, is a Hokkien Chinese temple founded in Januar…

  • East Yangon General Hospital

    The East Yangon General Hospital (Burmese: ရန်ကုန် အရှေ့ပိုင်း ဆေးရုံ) is a public general hospital located in Botataung township, Yangon, Myanmar. It consists of a medical ward, a surgical ward, a pediatric ward, and an obstetrics and gynecology wa…

  • Dawei River

    The Dawei River or Tavoy River is a river of Burma. It has its source in the Tenasserim Hills and ends in the Andaman Sea in the Tanintharyi Region coast. In the last stretch of its course it flows from north to south, forming an estuary as it meets…

  • Daung Kyun

    Daung Kyun (Burmese: ဒေါင်းကျွန်း), also known as Ross Island, is an island in the Mergui Archipelago, Burma.

  • Bhamo District

    Bhamo District (Burmese: ဗန်းမော်ခရိုင်) is a district of the Kachin State in northern Burma (Myanmar). The capital is the city of Bhamo. The district covers an area of 10,742.9 km2.

  • Workers' College

    Workers' College (Burmese: လုပ်သားများ ကောလိပ်) was an affiliated college of Yangon University. The college, located in Botataung in eastern Yangon, offered undergraduate programs in liberal arts, sciences and law mostly to part-time students.

  • Simpi, Burma

    Simpi is a village in the Rallawn Village Tract in Falam Township, Falam District, Chin State, Burma (Myanmar), about 13 kilometres (8 mi) southeast of the town of Falam.

  • Point, Kyaukpyu

    Viewpoint, popularly known as Point is the principal attraction in Kyaukpyu, the major town of Rakhine State, Myanmar. Located at the northwestern most tip of the town it is an Urban park which looks out into where the Bay of Bengal and the mouth of…

  • National Highway 31 (Burma)

    National Highway 31 is a major highway of central/northeastern Burma. It starts in Mandalay at the rim of the Mandalay Palace area from National Highway 3 at (21°58′59″N96°5′3″E) and ends in Waingmaw/Myitkyina in Kachin State at (25°21′1″N97°26′8″E…

  • Moe Yin Gyi Reservoir

    Moe Yin Gyi Reservoir is a reservoir in the Bago Division in southern-central Burma. It is located at (17°34′44″N96°35′39″E), north of Pyagyi and Bago. The reservoir was built in 1978 and 11 years later the area became part of the Moneyingyi Wetlan…

  • Mawlaik District

    Mawlaik District (sometimes Upper Chindwin District) is a district in central Sagaing Division of Burma (Myanmar). Its administrative center is the town of Mawlaik. The district consists of just two townships, Mawlaik and Paungbyin. In addition to M…

  • University of Nursing, Mandalay

    The University of Nursing, Mandalay (also the Institute of Nursing, Mandalay; Burmese: သူနာပြု တက္ကသိုလ် (မန္တလေး), pronounced: [θùnàpjṵ tɛʔkəθò (máɴdəlé)]) is a university of nursing, located in Mandalay, Myanmar. It is one of three universities in…

  • Lumbang, Burma

    Lumbang (Lumbana) is a village in Falam Township, Falam District Chin State, Burma (Myanmar), 9.4 kilometres (5.8 mi) north of the town of Falam on the Tedim Road.

  • Lemro River

    The Lemro (Burmese: လေးမြို့မြစ်, Burmese pronunciation: [lémjo̰ mjɪʔ]) is a river of Burma flowing through Chin State and Rakhine State. It flows into the Indian Ocean east of Sittwe. Between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries, small walled settl…