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  • National University of Arts and Culture, Mandalay

    The National University of Art and Culture, Mandalay, (Burmese: အမျိုးသားယဉ်ကျေးမှုနှင့် အနုပညာတက္ကသိုလ် (မန္တလေး), pronounced: [jɪ̀ɴtɕém̥ṵ tɛʔkəθò (máɴdəlé)]), located in Patheingyi, Mandalay, is one of two performing and visual arts universities i…

  • U Wisara Monument

    U Wisara Monument is a statue of U Wisara in Yangon, Burma. It is located directly west of the southwest corner of Kandawmingala Lake on U Wisara Road and is located several metres southwest of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

  • Togyaunggale

    Togyaunggale also spelled and pronounce as Toe Gyaung Kalay is a town in southern Myanmar under Yangon State within North/East Dagon Township. In fact the region is commanded by North Dagon or East Dagon Township and there also has a railway station…

  • Tangyan, Burma

    Tangyan (also Lan-ts'ang-hsien or Tangyang) is the principal town of Tangyan Township in Shan State, Burma. It lies at an elevation of 946 m

  • Seikphyu Township

    Seikphyu Township is a township of Pakokku District in Magway Division of Burma (Myanmar). The principal town and administrative seat is Seikphyu. The township has its southeastern border along the Irrawaddy where its principal town, Seikphyu, is a …

  • Saw, Burma

    Saw (Burmese: ဆောမြို့, Burmese pronunciation: [sʰɔ́ mjo̰]) is a town of Saw Township in Gangaw District in the Magway Division in Burma.

  • Sahmaw Airfield

    Sahmaw Airfield is a former wartime United States Army Air Forces airfield in Burma used during the Burma Campaign 1944-1945. It is now abandoned.

  • Sabi Island

    Sabi Island (Sabi Kyun or Trotter Island) is an island in the Mergui Archipelago of Taninthayi Region, Burma (Myanmar). It lies between Money Island to the south and Parker Island to the north. The narrow channel between Sabi island and Money Island…

  • Pyuntaza

    Pyuntaza (Burmese: ပြွန်တံဆာမြို့; MLCTS: pywan ti cha mrui., Chinese: 彬達扎; pinyin: Bīndázā; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Pin-tah-chah) is a small town located in Nyaunglebin Township, Bago Region, Myanmar. It is about 322 kilometres (200 mi) from Bago (formerly Peg…

  • Ponnagyun

    Ponnagyun (Burmese: ပုဏ္ဏားကျွန်းမြို့) is a town in the Rakhine State of westernmost part of Myanmar.

  • Point, Sittwe

    Viewpoint, popularly known as Point, is the principal attraction in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, Myanmar (also known as Burma).

  • Paungdale

    Paungdale` is a small town about 12 miles from Pyay and 13 miles from Pauk Khaung ေပါက္ေခါင္း in Myanmar.

  • Pauktaw

    Pauktaw (Burmese: ပေါက်တောမြို့) is a town in the Rakhine State of westernmost part of Myanmar.

  • National Highway 4 (Burma)

    National Highway 4 is an important west-east flowing highway of central Burma. It connects the town of Meiktila in the Mandalay Region to Tachileik in Shan State in the east on the border with Thailand.

  • Nansang

    Nansang or Namsang is a town in Loilen District of Shan State in eastern Burma. It is the seat of Nansang Township.

  • Mong Kung

    Mong Kung, Mongkung, Mongkaung or Möngkung (Burmese, Maing-kaing), is a town in Shan State some 100 kilometres east of Mandalay.

  • Mogaung Township

    Mogaung Township (Burmese: မိုးကောင်းမြို့နယ်) is a township of Mohnyin District in the Kachin State of Burma (Myanmar).

  • Meiktila Lake

    Lake Meiktila (Burmese: မိတ္ထီလာကန် [meɪʔtʰìlà kàɴ]) is a lake located near Meiktila, Myanmar (Burma). It is 7 miles (11 km) long, averages half a mile across, and covers an area of 3.5 square miles (9.1 km2). Mone-Dai dam supplies water to the lake…

  • Mawlamyine Railway Station

    Mawlamyine Railway Station (Burmese: မော်လမြိုင် ဘူတာ) is a railway station located in Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar on Myanmar Railways' Bago-Mawlamyine-Dawei line.

  • Maha Bandula Bridge

    Maha Bandula Bridge (sometimes spelled Mahabandoola Bridge) is a major bridge in Yangon, Burma built in 2011. It is named after Maha Bandula(Abdulla) and crosses Pazundaung Creek just east of Yangon's central business district.

  • Mabein

    Mabein is a town in northern Shan State of Myanmar, formerly Burma. It is situated on the Shweli River and connected to Momeik, and to Bhamo and Myitkyina in Kachin State by road.

  • Long Shan Tang Temple

    Long Shan Tang Temple (Chinese: 龍山堂; pinyin: Lóngshān Táng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Liông-san-tông) is a Hokkien Chinese clan temple (also called kongsi) located on Anawrahta Road in Latha Township, part of Yangon's Chinatown.

  • Letsok-aw Kyun

    Letsok-aw Island (Domel Island) is an island in the Mergui Archipelago, Burma (Myanmar). With a length of 38 km and an area of 250 km² it is one of the largest islands of the archipelago. This hilly and thickly wooded island lies 14 km east of Benti…