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  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

    The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFR Yugoslavia or SFRY) was the Yugoslav state that existed from its foundation in the aftermath of World War II until its dissolution in 1992 amid the Yugoslav Wars. It was a socialist state and a feder…

  • Podgorica

    Podgorica (/ˈpɒdɡərtsə/ POD-gorr-ee-tsə; Montenegrin: Podgorica (Cyrillic: Подгорица), pronounced [pǒdɡorit͡sa], lit. "under the small hill") is the capital and largest city of Montenegro.

  • Kingdom of Montenegro

    The Kingdom of Montenegro (Serbian: Краљевина Црнa Горa / Kraljevina Crna Gora), was a monarchy in southeastern Europe during the tumultuous years on the Balkan Peninsula leading up to and during World War I. Legally it was a constitutional monarchy…

  • Sveti Stefan

    Sveti Stefan, pronounced [sv̞ê̞ːtiː stê̞faːn], now Aman Sveti Stefan including the Villa Miločer (pronounced [vîla mîlɔ̝tʃe̞r]; formerly Sveti Stefan Hotel) ("Saint Stephen"; Cyrillc: Свети Стефан, Italian: Santo Stefano) is a small islet and hotel …

  • Bay of Kotor

    The Bay of Kotor (Montenegrin: Boka kotorska/Бока которска, pronounced [bɔ̂ka kɔ̂tɔrskaː]), known simply as Boka, is a winding bay of the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Montenegro.

  • Podgorica Airport

    Podgorica Airport (Montenegrin: Аеродром Подгорица / Aerodrom Podgorica, pronounced [aerǒdrom pǒdɡorit͡sa]) (IATA: TGD, ICAO: LYPG) is an international airport serving the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica and the surrounding region.

  • Tivat Airport

    Tivat Airport (Montenegrin Аеродром Тиват, Aerodrom Tivat) (IATA: TIV, ICAO: LYTV) is an international airport serving the Montenegrin coastal town of Tivat and the surrounding region.

  • Nikšić

    Nikšić (Serbian Cyrillic: Никшић, pronounced [nîkʃit͡ɕ]) is the second largest city of Montenegro, with a total population of 57,278, located in the west of the country, in the centre of the spacious Nikšić field at the foot of Mount Trebjesa. It is…

  • Socialist Republic of Montenegro

    Socialist Republic of Montenegro (Serbo-Croatian: Socijalistička Republika Crna Gora, Социјалистичка Република Црна Гора), or SR Montenegro in shortened form, was one of the 6 republics forming the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is a p…

  • Ostrog monastery

    The Monastery of Ostrog (Serbian: Манастир Острог/Manastir Ostrog, pronounced [ǒstroɡ]) is a monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church placed against an almost vertical background, high up in the large rock of Ostroška Greda, in Montenegro. It is ded…

  • Perast

    Perast (Montenegrin and Serbian Cyrillic: Пераст, pronounced [pɛ̌rast], Italian: Perasto) is an old town on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It is situated a few kilometres northwest of Kotor and is noted for its proximity to the islets of St.

  • Our Lady of the Rocks

    Our Lady of the Rocks (Croatian: Gospa od Škrpjela pronounced [ɡɔ̌ːspa ɔd ʃkř̩pjɛla]) is one of the two islets off the coast of Perast in Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (the other being Sveti Đorđe Island). It is an artificial island created by bulwark of…

  • Lovćen

    Lovćen (Serbian: Lovćen, Ловћен, pronounced [lôːʋtɕen]) is a mountain and national park in southwestern Montenegro.

  • Geography of Montenegro

    Montenegro (Montenegrin: Crna Gora, Црна Гора, meaning "black mountain") is a small, mountainous state in south-west Balkans. Montenegro borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and the Adriatic Sea.

  • Siege of Castelnuovo

    The Siege of Castelnuovo was an engagement during the Ottoman-Habsburg struggle for control of the Mediterranean, which took place in July 1539 in the walled town of Castelnuovo, present day Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Castelnuovo had been conquered by…

  • Belgrade–Bar railway

    The Belgrade–Bar railway (Serbian: Пруга Београд–Бар or Pruga Beograd–Bar) is a railway connecting the Serbian capital of Belgrade with the town of Bar, a major seaport in Montenegro.

  • Tuzi

    Tuzi (Montenegrin, Bosnian: Tuzi, Тузи, pronounced [tǔːzi]; Albanian: Tuzi) is a settlement in the Podgorica Municipality, Montenegro, located along a main road between the city of Podgorica and the Albanian border crossing, just a few kilometers no…

  • Kolašin

    Kolašin (Montenegrin and Serbian: Kolašin/Колашин pronounced [kɔlǎʃin]), is a town in northern Montenegro. It has a population of 2,989 (2003 census).

  • Igalo

    Igalo (Cyrillic: Игало) is a small town in the Herceg Novi municipality of Montenegro. It is accessible via the E65/E80 north headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

  • Jaz Beach

    Jaz (Serbian Cyrillic: Јаз, pronounced [jâːz]) is a beach in the Budva Municipality in Montenegro. It is located 2.5 km west of Budva. It consists of two parts, one 850 m long and the other, formerly a nudist beach, 450 m long. It is a pebble beach,…

  • Prevlaka

    Prevlaka (pronounced [prɛ̂ʋlaka]) is a small peninsula in southern Croatia, near the border with Montenegro, at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor on the eastern Adriatic coast.

  • Morača

    Morača (Cyrillic: Морача, pronounced [mǒrat͡ʃa]) is a river in Montenegro. It originates in northern Montenegro, under Rzača mountain.

  • Risan

    Risan (pronounced [rîsan], Italian: Risano, Serbian Cyrillic: Рисан, Albanian: Rizoni) is a town in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

  • Cetinje Monastery

    The Cetinje Monastery (Serbian: Цетињски манастир/Cetinjski manastir) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery in Montenegro. It is located in Cetinje and is the seat of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral and its name derives from Saint Peter…

  • Sveti Đorđe

    Ostrvo Sveti Đorđe (pronounced [sʋɛ̂ːtiː dʑɔ̂ːrdʑɛ]; English: Island of Saint George) is one of the two islets off the coast of Perast in Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (the other being Gospa od Škrpjela).

  • Maglić (mountain)

    Maglić (pronounced [mǎɡliːtɕ]) is the highest peak at an elevation of 2,386 metres (7,828 ft) in the hill ranges of Plješevica, Grmeč, Cincar and Raduša in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maglić borders Bosnia and Montenegro. It is oriented i…

  • Sutomore

    Sutomore (pronounced [sûtɔmɔːrɛ]) (Serbian Cyrillic: Сутоморе; Venetian: Spizza) is a small coastal town in Bar Municipality, Montenegro.

  • Konavle

    Konavle (pronounced [kɔ̌naːv̞lɛ]; Italian: Canali or Valle dei Canali) is a small region and municipality located southeast of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

  • Golubovci

    Golubovci (Montenegrin: Golubovci, Голубовци, pronounced [ɡǒluboʋtsi]) is a small town in the Podgorica Municipality of Montenegro. It is the seat of the Golubovci urban municipality, a subdivision of the Podgorica municipality. The town is located …

  • Jabuka

    Jabuka (Cyrillic: Јабука) is a village situated in the Pančevo municipality, in the South Banat District, Vojvodina province, Serbia. The village has a Serb ethnic majority but is home to the largest ethnic Macedonian population in Serbia by percent…