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  • Nikmaraš

    Nikmaraš (Montenegrin and Serbian Cyrillic: Никмараш, Albanian: Nikmarashi) is a settlement in the rural community of Zatrijebač, in Podgorica, Montenegro, near the border with Albania. It is part of the wider Kuči clan region, specifically in the Z…

  • Mateševo

    Mateševo (Serbian/Montenegrin Cyrillic: Матешево) is a village in northern Montenegro, within Kolašin Municipality.

  • Mataguži

    Mataguži (pronounced [mâtaɡuʒi], Montenegrin and Serbian Cyrillic: Матагужи) is a small town in the Podgorica municipality, the capital of Montenegro. It is located in the Upper Zeta region, just north of the Skadar lake.

  • Krnjača, Priboj

    Krnjača is a village in the municipality of Priboj, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 220 people. Krnjaca lies near the Montenegrian border, only 12 kilometers from the city of Pljevlja in Montenegro and 48 km fro…

  • Dog Peak, Prokletije

    Dog Peak (Albanian: Maja e Qenit; Montenegrin and Serbian: Пасји врх, Pasji vrh) is a mountain peak found in the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. It is 2,405 m (7,890 ft) high and is part of the Prokletije range. This peak is one of the highest…

  • Bukovica (river)

    Bukovica river is the longest river in the municipality of Šavnik. It originates under the Ranisava mountain, and flows into Komarnica River. It is 42 km long.

  • Gradac, Pljevlja

    Gradac (Cyrillic: Градац) is a small town in the Pljevlja Municipality of northern Montenegro. According to the 2003 census, its population is 364. It Montenegro's northernmost settlement with town status and is located in the Sandžak region close t…

  • Stadion Pod Racinom

    Stadion Pod Racinom is a multi-use stadium in Plav, Montenegro. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of FK Jezero of the Montenegrin First League.

  • Pirlitor

    Pirlitor was a medieval fortress in Mount Durmitor, in Old Herzegovina (part of present-day Montenegro), built at the edge of the deep canyon of the Tara River. Only a part of the wall at the fortress's highest point has survived to the present day.…

  • Meštrevac

    Meštrevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Мештревац) is a village in the municipality of Foča, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Maja Briaset

    Maja Briaset is a mountain located in the country of Albania. Maja Briaset is a large, rocky mountain with a height of 2,567 m (8,422 ft) above sea level. This mountain is part of the Prokletije in the northern part of Albania.

  • Petnjik

    Petnjik is a village in the Berane Municipality in Montenegro. There are around 100 inhabitants. It is mainly inhabited by people with the Barjaktarović and Babović surnames, while there are inhabitants with surnames: Nedovic,Anđić, Marinković, etc.

  • Njegoš Mountain

    Njegoš (pronounced [ɲɛ̂ɡɔʃ]) is a mountain in Montenegro. This mountain is 1,725 meters high. It is 26 km (16 mi) east to northeast from Bileća, a town about 26 km (16 mi) northwest from Nikšić.

  • Mamula (island)

    Mamula (also known as Lastavica) is an uninhabited islet in the Adriatic Sea, within the southwestern Montenegrin municipality of Herceg Novi.

  • Bijela, Herceg Novi

    Bijela (pronounced [bîjɛlaː]; Montenegrin/Serbian Cyrillic: Бијела; Italian La Bianca, San Pietro de Albis) is a coastal town in Herceg Novi Municipality, Montenegro. It is north of Herceg Novi, by the Verige strait of the Bay of Kotor.