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  • Thunnalai

    The village of Thunnalai (Tamil: துன்னாலை) is near the lagoon called Thondaman Aru. It is also in close proximity to This place is settled by migrants from a town called Vallipuram near Namakkal which is near Coimbatore. Naga names are found in Indi…

  • Thirukkovil

    Thirukkovil or Tirukovil is a town in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka, situated along the eastern coast of the island. It is 30 km north of Pottuvil and 35 km south of Kalmunai. In Tamil it translates to God's-temple.

  • Thambiluvil

    Thambiluvil (Tamil: தம்பிலுவில்) is a coastal village in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It is 78 Km south of Batticaloa along the east coast. It is bounded by the sea in east and a lagoon named "Periya Kalappu" to west with paddy fields which in…

  • Suthumalai

    Suthumalai or Suthumalay or Chuthumalai (Tamil: சுதுமலை) is a village in the northern Jaffna District of Sri Lanka. There are number of schools in the village, the oldest one called the 'Sinmaya Bharathi Vithyasaalai' was founded by Mr. Sinnaiya Pil…

  • Sri Rahula College Kandy

    Sri Rahula College Kandy was established, by the Buddhist Theosophical Society led by The American Colonel Henry Steel Olcott. It is one of Sri Lanka's oldest schools and one of the famous Mixed Colleges in Sri Lanka.

  • Saifee Villa

    Saifee Villa (previously known as Lakshmigiri) is a mansion at 102, Thurstan Road in Colombo, Sri Lanka, located between Thunmulla Junction and Regina Walauwa.

  • SLAF Colombo

    SLAF Colombo is the Sri Lanka Air Force headquarters in Colombo. In this capacity it has the offices of the Commander of the Air Force, Chief of Staff, the Board of Management (BOM) and Board of Directors (BOD) of the Sri Lanka Air Force.

  • Pesalai Church attack

    Pesalai church attack happened on June 17, 2006 Our lady of heart church Pesalai village in Mannar Island. Six civilians were killed and at least 47 were injured in the attack. The eyewitness accused the governmental troops for this attack. The Sri…

  • Pandatharippu

    Pandatharippu or Pandaththarippu or Pandaththeruppu (Tamil: பண்டத்தரிப்பு) is a village in the northern Jaffna District of Sri Lanka. It is located approximately 20 km from City of Jaffna. It is also spelled "Pandathirippu". It was a mission locatio…

  • Oddusuddan

    Oddusuddan is a town in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka. In Tamil Oddu-suddan translates to 'roof-tile-making-place'.

  • Kurana

    Kurana is a village in the city of Negombo, close to Katunayake in the island of Sri Lanka. It is on the Katunayake-Colombo road and a few miles from the Bandaranaike International Airport.

  • Karaitivu (Ampara)

    Karaitivu (Tamil: காரைதீவு) is a coastal village situated in the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka about 30 miles (44 km) south of Batticaloa and is next to Kalmunai town.

  • Kamburupitiya

    Kamburupitiya is a town located 12 miles north of the southern town of Matara, Sri Lanka. Located in a wet, hilly zone, some of the worlds best cinnamon, tea with high tannin are grown. Traditional employment is growing rubber and working on the ric…

  • Kalutara Stadium

    Kalutara Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. It is currently used mostly for football matches and hosts the home games of Kalutara Park SC.

  • Chundikkulam Lagoon

    Chundikkulam Lagoon (Tamil: சுண்டிக்குளம் கடல் நீரேரி, Sinhala: කුම්බවැව Kumbavæwa) is a lagoon in Jaffna District and Kilinochchi District, north-east Sri Lanka. The town of Chundikkulam is located on a narrow piece of land between the lagoon and t…

  • Chenkalady

    Chenkalady or Chenkaladi is a town in the Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka, it is located about 15 km north-west of Batticaloa.

  • Chavakachcheri Hindu College

    Chavakachcheri Hindu College (Tamil: சாவகச்சேரி இந்துக் கல்லூரி Cāvakaccēri Intuk Kallūri, CHC) is a national school in Chavakachcheri, Sri Lanka.

  • Chankanai

    Chankanai or Changanai (Tamil: சங்கானை) is a town located 12 km north-west of the city of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Popular market known as Chankanai Chanthai (in Tamil Chankanai Market) is located in there.