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  • The Kingsbury Hotel

    The Kingsbury Hotel (formerly the Ceylon Continental Hotel Colombo and the Ceylon Inter-Continental Hotel), is a hotel building with 9 stories in the city center of Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was built by construction magnate, Mr. U. N. Gunasekera. The …

  • Batticotta Seminary

    The Batticotta Seminary was an educational institute founded by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM)'s American Ceylon Mission at Vaddukodai, in the Jaffna Peninsula north Sri Lanka in 1823. It was closed in 1855. The rea…

  • Akkaraipattu massacre

    Akkaraipattu massacre happened on 19 February 1986 when approximately 80 Sri Lankan Tamil farm workers were allegedly killed by the Sri Lankan Army personnel and their bodies burned in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

  • Welagedara Stadium

    Welagedara Stadium (Sinhalese: වෙලගෙදර ක්‍රීඩාංගණය , Tamil: வெலகெதர விலையாட்டு அரங்கம்) is a multi-use stadium in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. The stadium was officially declared open by the then Minister of Home Affairs, Justice Felix Dias Bandaranaike i…

  • Velanai

    Velanai(Tamil: வேலணை),is a small village in Velanai Island which is in off the coast of Jaffna Peninsula in the North of Sri Lanka.

  • Vaddukoddai

    Vaddukoddai (also spelt Vattukkottai, Vatukotai, Vattukotai) (Tamil: வட்டுக்கோட்டை) is small but important town in the minority Sri Lankan Tamil dominated Jaffna peninsula of Sri Lanka. It became prominent with the founding of Asia’s first modern un…

  • Urumpirai

    Urumpirai [1] (Tamil: உரும்பிராய் Urumpirāy) is a town in Northern Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.

  • Thiriyai

    Thiriyai or Tiriyayi (Tamil: திரியாய் tiriyāy) is a small Tamil village in the eastern Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka and is an old seaport of the Jaffna Kingdom. It is situated about 25 miles north of Trincomalee town through Nilaveli. Thiriyai …

  • Thanthirimale

    Thanthirimale (also spelled as Tantirimale) is an old village in the Anuradhapura District of Sri Lanka. It is located approximately 40 km north west of the Anuradhapura city.

  • Sampur, Trincomalee

    Sampur is a town in the Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka and it is located about 30 km South-East of Trincomalee on the South-Eastern side of the Trincomalee Harbour.

  • Vavuniya Airport

    Vavuniya Airport (Tamil: வவுனியா விமான நிலையம், Sinhalese: වවුනියාව ගුවන්තොටුපළ) (ICAO: VCCV) is an air force base and domestic airport in Vavuniya in northern Sri Lanka. Located approximately 1.4 km (0.87 mi) south of the centre of Vavuniya, the ai…

  • Katukurunda Airport

    SLAF Katukurunda (IATA: KTY, ICAO: VCCN) is a Sri Lanka Air Force base located near the town of Kalutara in Sri Lanka. Originally established as a Royal Naval Air Station HMS Ukussa it was reactivated in 1984 by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

  • Punanai

    Punanai (Tamil: புனானை) is a small hamlet in Sri Lanka, made famous in 1920 by a man-eating leopard.

  • President's Pavilion

    President's Pavilion is an official residence of the President of Sri Lanka, located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. This was formerly the Governor's Pavilion until 1972 when Sri Lanka became a republic. It is located close to the sacred Temple of the Tooth in…

  • Prawn farm massacre

    The Prawn farm massacre, also known as the 1987 Kokkadichcholai massacre, took place on January 27, 1987 in the village of Kokkadichcholai, Sri Lanka. At least 83 people who worked at the farm were killed. The Special Task Force, an elite special fo…

  • Pooneryn

    Pooneryn (Poonakari) is a strategically important village in the northern province of Sri Lanka situated just below the Jaffna Peninsula.

  • Pilimathalawa

    Pilimathalawa is a suburb of the city of Kandy in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. The town is situated 10 km away from Kandy the district capital and 104 km away from Colombo. The meaning of "Thalawa" is the flat area in Sinhalese. "Pilima" means the sta…

  • Namunukula

    Namunukula is the name of a mountain range in Sri Lanka's province of Uva. Its main peak is 6,600 feet (2,011.7 m) high. The name means "Nine Peaks".

  • Nagar Kovil

    Nagar Kovil or Nagerkovil or Nakarkovil or Nagarcoil (Tamil: நாகர்கோயில்) is a small town in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.

  • Mirigama

    Mirigama (also spelled Meerigama) is a town in Gampaha District, Western Province, Sri Lanka. It is located 57 km from Colombo, and 34 km from Negombo. Mirigama has direct rail and highway connections to many cities in the country. Mirigama is the h…

  • Malwana

    Malwana is a town of 35,000 (estimate as of 2001) inhabitants in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. It is situated on the banks of the Kelani River, 14 km north-west of Colombo. It is part of the Gampaha District and Biyagama electoral division. Rec…

  • Mahawa, Sri Lanka

    Maho (Sinhalese: මහව) is a town in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. British used the word "Maho" as the name for this town because they were unable to pronounce "Mahawa" properly.Situated in Kurunegala District. Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus an…

  • Madurankuli

    Madurankuli is a town and an active city in the suburb of Puttalam. It is also known as Madurankuliya(මදුරන්කුලිය) in Sinhala and மதுரங்குளி in Tamil; it is abbreviated as "MDK". It is a fast developing city in North Western Province, Sri Lanka with…

  • Lunugala

    Lunugala is a town in the Sri Lankan province of Uva.There are 26 Grama Niladhari Divisions in the Lunugala Divisional Secretariat Division