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  • Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia

    Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia, or formerly known as the American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) is a college of the Rochester Institute of Technology located in Dubrovnik, and in Zagreb, Croatia. It is the only school in the…

  • Odra (Kupa)

    Odra is a river in central Croatia. It is 83 km (52 mi) long and its basin covers an area of 604 km2 (233 sq mi). Its source is in the Žumberak mountain, southwest of Zagreb. It flows eastwards, passes south of Velika Gorica, then turns south-east, …

  • Mokrice Castle

    Mokrice Castle (pronounced [mɔˈkɾiːtsɛ]; German: Mokritz) is a medieval castle southeast of Brežice, Slovenia, located in the Gorjanci hills in the village of Jesenice, near the Croatian border. First mentioned in 1444, it was rebuilt in the 16th ce…

  • Zagreb bypass

    Zagreb bypass (Croatian: obilaznica, zaobilaznica) is a U-shaped motorway partially encircling Zagreb, Croatia. The largest part by far, between Jankomir and Ivanja Reka interchanges, was built between 1977 and 1979, while the Ivanja Reka – Sveta He…

  • Vrboska

    Vrboska is a settlement on the north coast of the island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia, in the Municipality of Jelsa. Founded in the 15th century as a fishing harbour, Vrboska is best known for the fortress Church of Sv. Marija (St Mary), built as a …

  • Vrana (town)

    Vrana (Croatian: Vrana, Latin: Aurana or Laurana Arauzona) is an historic settlement located north of the Vrana Lake, 6 km from Pakoštane, a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast, in Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia.

  • Vjetrenica

    Vjetrenica (pronounced [ʋjɛtrɛ̌nitsa], which means "wind cave" or "blowhole") is the largest and most important cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of the most important caves in the Dinaric Alps mountain range, which is famous worldwide for its…

  • Stadion HNK Cibalia

    Stadion Cibalia is a multi-purpose stadium in Vinkovci, Croatia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of HNK Cibalia. It has a grass court, surrounded with a clay running surface, and stands, a part of which is cov…

  • Punat

    Punat is a municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia on the island of Krk. There are 1,973 inhabitants, with 90% Croats (2011). The town first appears in writings from AD 1377, but the exact date of foundation is not known.

  • Preko

    Preko is the road and administration centre of the island of Ugljan, and a municipality in Croatia in the Zadar County. Situated, as the name states, opposite Zadar. Its old centre consists of typical Dalmatian architecture and numerous patrician fa…

  • Popovača

    Popovača is a town in Croatia in the Moslavina geographical region. Administratively it is part of the Sisak-Moslavina County.

  • Plomin

    Plomin (Italian: Fianona) is a village in the Croatian part of Istria, situated approximately 11 km north of Labin, on an 80 meters high hill. It is a popular destination for tourists traveling through Istria by road.

  • Pleternica

    Pleternica is a town in the region of Slavonia, Croatia, 12 km (7.5 mi) southeast of Požega, in the Požega Valley (Požeška kotlina).

  • Perušić

    Perušić is a town and a municipality in Lika-Senj County, Croatia. The municipality has 2,638 inhabitants, while the town itself has 852. The municipality is part of Lika, a mountainous region in central Croatia.

  • Pačetin

    Pačetin (Serbian Cyrillic: Пачетин) is a village in the municipality of Trpinja, Vukovar-Srijem County, easternmost Croatia. The population is 541 (census 2011).

  • Pantovčak

    Pantovčak (pronounced [pantɔ̌ʋtʃaːk]) is a neighborhood in Zagreb, Croatia. Its formal location is the Gornji Grad - Medveščak city district. The Pantovčak street runs from the Britanski trg (British Square) near Ilica towards Medvednica, ending at …

  • Mošćenička Draga

    Mošćenička Draga (Italian: Draga di Moschiena) is municipality in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia. It has 1,641 inhabitants, 91.5% which are Croats. It is situated southwest of Opatija under Mt. Učka. The centre of the municipality is the form…

  • Modruš-Rijeka County

    The Modruš-Rijeka County (Croatian: Modruško-riječka županija; Hungarian: Modrus-Fiume vármegye) was a historic administrative subdivision (županija) of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia. Croatia-Slavonia was an autonomous kingdom within the Lands of …

  • Maslenica Bridge (A1)

    Maslenica Bridge (Croatian: Most Maslenica, but also known as Croatian: Maslenički most) is a 377.6 m (1,239 ft) long reinforced concrete arch bridge spanning Maslenica Strait of the Adriatic Sea, north of Zadar, Croatia, carrying the Croatian A1 mo…

  • Lumbarda

    Lumbarda (it: Lombarda) is a small village and a municipality located on the Eastern Cape of the Island of Korčula in Croatia, 7 kilometers away from the town of Korčula. A road passing through a picturesque area of pine woods and olive groves conne…

  • Lubenice

    Lubenice is an ancient fort city on the island of Cres, Croatia that was founded approximately four thousand years ago on top of a 380 m high ridge that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It is a small local center that comprises forty buildings and seven …

  • Lošinj Airport

    Lošinj Airport (IATA: LSZ, ICAO: LDLO) is an airport 3.2 nautical miles (5.9 km) from Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj, Croatia. It is registered for domestic and international traffic. Its runway is 900m long and 30m wide, and is equipped with 1…

  • Lepavina Monastery

    Lepavina (Croatian: Manastir Lepavina, Serbian: Манастир Лепавина) is a monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the village of Lepavina, near the town of Koprivnica in Croatia.

  • Kutjevo

    Kutjevo is a town in Slavonia, Croatia, located northeast of Požega. In the census of 2011, there were 6,247 people, 2,440 in the town itself.