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  • Paklinski Islands

    The Pakleni (pronounced [pǎklɛniː]) or Paklinski ([pâkliːnskiː]) islands are located off the southwest coast of the island of Hvar, Croatia, opposite the entrance to the Hvar (city) harbour.

  • Pag (town)

    Pag (Italian: Pago, German: Baag) is the largest town on the island of Pag, with a population of 3,121 (2005), located at (44.44°N 15.06°E).

  • A6 (Croatia)

    The A6 motorway (Croatian: Autocesta A6) is a motorway in Croatia spanning 80.2 kilometres (49.8 mi). It connects the nation's capital, Zagreb, via the A1, to the seaport of Rijeka. The motorway forms a major north–south transportation corridor in C…

  • Operation Whirlwind

    Operation Whirlwind (Croatian: Operacija Vihor) was a failed Croatian Army (HV) offensive in the Banovina region of Croatia, fought from 11–13 December 1991, during the early stages of the Croatian War of Independence. The offensive employed a singl…

  • Lovran

    Lovran (Italian: Laurana, German: Lauran) is a town in Istria, Croatia. It is situated on the western coast of the Kvarner Bay with a population of 4,101 (2011 census).

  • Lotrščak Tower

    The Lotrščak Tower (Croatian: Kula Lotrščak, pronounced [kǔːla lotřʃtʃaːk, kǔːla lotrʃtʃâːk]) is a fortified tower located in Zagreb, Croatia, in old part of town called Gradec or Gornji grad (English: Upper town). The tower, which dates to the 13th…

  • Krk Bridge

    Krk Bridge (Croatian: Krčki most) is a 1430 m long reinforced concrete arch bridge connecting the Croatian island of Krk to the mainland and carrying over a million vehicles per year. The longer of the bridge's two arches is the second longest concr…

  • Galešnjak

    Galešnjak (also called Island of Love, Lover's Island, Otok za Zaljubljene) is located in the Pašman channel of the Adriatic, between the islands of Pašman and the town of Turanj on mainland Croatia.

  • Baška

    Baška (Croatian pronunciation: [bâʃka]) is a settlement and a municipality located on the south east of the island of Krk, Croatia.

  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb

    The Art Pavilion in Zagreb (Croatian: Umjetnički paviljon u Zagrebu) is an art gallery in Zagreb, Croatia. The Pavilion is located in the Lower Town area of the city, south of Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square and just north of the King Tomislav Square wi…

  • Zagreb Zoo

    Zagreb Zoo (Croatian: Zološki vrt grada Zagreba) is a 7-hectare (17-acre) zoo located within Maksimir Park in Zagreb, Croatia and is literally across the street from Zagreb's Stadion Maksimir, where major football matches are played and rock concert…

  • Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Zagreb

    Zagreb Orthodox Cathedral or Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord (Serbian Cyrillic: Храм преображења Господњег, Croatian: Hram preobraženja Gospodnjeg) is a Serbian Orthodox Cathedral located on the Petar Preradović Square in Zagreb, Croati…

  • Vjesnik

    Vjesnik was a Croatian state-owned daily newspaper published in Zagreb which ceased publication in April 2012. Originally established in 1940 as a wartime illegal publication of the Communist Party of Croatia, it later built and maintained a reputat…

  • Ugljan

    Ugljan (pronounced [ûɡʎan]; Italian: Ugliano) is a Croatian island and the first in the Zadar Archipelago. It is located northwest of the island of Pašman and southeast of the islands of Rivanj and Sestrunj. Separated from the mainland by the Zadar …

  • Tučepi

    Tučepi (pronounced [tǔtʃɛpi]) is a small town and municipality in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia. It is located on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia known as Makarska riviera, about 5 km southeast of Makarska, population 1,763 (2001).

  • Trogir Cathedral

    The Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Croatian: Katedrala Sv. Lovre) is a Roman Catholic triple-naved basilica constructed in Romanesque-Gothic in Trogir, Croatia. Since its construction lasted several centuries, it illustrates all the styles that succeede…

  • Sveti Rok Tunnel

    The Sveti Rok Tunnel is a highway tunnel in Lika, Croatia. It is 5,679 m (6,211 yd) long and it passes through the Velebit mountain. Sveti Rok Tunnel is located on a part of the between highway exits Sveti Rok and Maslenica on the A1 highway (Zagreb…

  • Rabac

    Rabac (Italian: Porto Albona) is a Croatian resort town on Kvarner Bay, just southeast of Labin, in Istria.

  • Prvić

    Prvić (pronounced [pr̩̂v̞itɕ]: Provicchio in Italian) is a small island in the Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. It is situated in the Šibenik archipelago, about half a mile from the mainland, in the vicinity of Vodice.

  • Omišalj

    Omišalj (Italian: Castel Muschio; German: Moschau) is a small coastal town in the north-west of the island of Krk in Croatia. The population of the town itself is 1,790 (2001), while the Omišalj municipality also includes the nearby Njivice, bringin…

  • Obrovac, Croatia

    Obrovac (pronounced [ɔbrɔ̌ːʋats]) is a town located in northern Dalmatia, in the Zadar County of Croatia. The Obrovac municipality has a total population of 4,323 people.

  • Novi Marof

    Novi Marof (Kajkavian: Nuovi Narof) is a town in north-western Croatia, located south of Varaždin and east of Ivanec, in the Varaždin County.

  • Medulin

    Medulin (Italian: Medolino) is a small town and municipality in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia.

  • Karlobag

    Karlobag (Italian: Carlopago) is a historic and picturesque seaside municipality on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, located underneath Velebit overlooking the island of Pag, west of Gospić and south of Senj. The Gacka river also runs through the area.

  • Jastrebarsko concentration camp

    Jastrebarsko concentration camp was a concentration camp that housed Serbian children between the ages of one month to fourteen years during World War II, located in Jastrebarsko, Croatia. It was open for two months in 1942. The camp was set up spec…