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  • Novi Zagreb – zapad

    Novi Zagreb – zapad (Croatian pronunciation: [nôʋiː zǎːgreb zâːpad]; English: Novi Zagreb – west) has the status of a city district (Croatian: gradska četvrt) in Zagreb, Croatia and as such has an elected council.

  • Novi Zagreb – istok

    Novi Zagreb – istok (Croatian pronunciation: [nôʋiː zǎːgreb ǐstok]; English: New Zagreb – east) is a neighbourhood in Zagreb, Croatia. Within this neighbourhood in the quarter of Travno lies Mamutica, which was built to be the largest communal housi…

  • Nesactium

    Nesactium (Istrian dialect: Vizače, Croatian: Nezakcij, Italian: Nesazio) was an ancient fortified town of the Histrii tribe. Its ruins are located in southern Istria, Croatia, between the village of Muntić and Valtura.

  • Mursko Središće

    Mursko Središće (Hungarian: Muraszerdahely, Kajkavian: Mursko Središče) is the northernmost city in Croatia, located at (46.509°N 16.441°E) (alt.

  • Maslenica Bridge (D8)

    The Maslenica Bridge (Croatian: Most Maslenica, also known as Croatian: Maslenički most) is a deck arch bridge carrying the D8 state road approximately 1 km (0.62 mi) to the west of the settlement of Maslenica, Croatia and 500 m (1,600 ft) south of …

  • Kulušić

    Kulušić was a Yugoslav Concert Club in Zagreb, Croatia, which hosted many famous international acts and all the important acts from the region. It is particularly associated with the Yugoslav new wave acts of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many Liv…

  • Kostrena

    Kostrena is a Croatian municipality east of Rijeka on the Kvarner Bay. It is famous for its beaches and a long tradition of seafaring and seamanship. Because of its beautiful rocky beaches and a walkway that goes along the shoreline, it is very popu…

  • Hrvace

    Hrvace is a municipality in Croatia in the Split-Dalmatia County. It has a population of 3,617 (2011 census), 98% of which are Croats.

  • Dugi Rat

    Dugi Rat is a municipality in Croatia in the Split-Dalmatia county. It has a population of 7,305 (2001 census), 98% of whom are Croats.

  • D55 road (Croatia)

    D55 state road in the eastern part of Croatia connects the cities and towns of Vukovar, Vinkovci, Županja to the state road network of Croatia, and most notably to the A3 motorway. The road is 48.6 km (30.2 mi) long.

  • Bolman

    Bolman (Hungarian: Bolmány; Serbian Cyrillic: Болман) is a settlement in the region of Baranja, Croatia. Administratively, it is located in the Jagodnjak municipality within the Osijek-Baranja County.

  • Bizovac

    Bizovac is a municipality in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia. There are 4,979 inhabitants, 97.5% of which are Croats.

  • Bilogora

    Bilogora is a low mountainous range in central Croatia. It consists of a series of hills and small plains some 80 kilometres in length stretching in the direction northwest-southeast, along the southwest part of the Podravina region.

  • Betina

    Betina is a village located on the Croatian island of Murter, seven km from Tisno, where a drawbridge connects the island and the mainland. The largest of the Šibenik archipelago islands, and the closest to the mainland, it has been populated since …

  • 1995 Rijeka bombing

    The 1995 Rijeka bombing occurred on 20 October 1995 in Rijeka, Croatia, when an Islamic terrorist organization attempted to destroy a police station by driving a car with a bomb into the wall of the building. Twenty-seven employees in the police sta…