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  • Natural nuclear fission reactor

    A natural nuclear fission reactor is a uranium deposit where self-sustaining nuclear chain reactions have occurred. This can be examined by analysis of isotope ratios. The existence of this phenomenon was discovered in 1972 at Oklo in Gabon, Africa,…

  • Libreville

    Libreville is the capital and largest city of Gabon, in west central Africa. The city is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea, and a trade center for a timber region.

  • Hot Bird

    Hot Bird is a group of satellites operated by Eutelsat, located at 13°E over the Equator (orbital position) and with a transmitting footprint over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

  • Oklo

    Oklo is a region near the town of Franceville, in the Haut-Ogooué province of the Central African state of Gabon.

  • Port-Gentil

    Port-Gentil or Mandji (1993 est. pop. 80,000) is the second-largest city of Gabon, and its leading seaport. It is the center of Gabon's petroleum and timber industries. Although it lies inshore, the nearby mainland is a remote forest area and it is …

  • Franceville

    Franceville is one of the four largest cities in Gabon, with a population of around 56,000 (2010, approx.) people. It lies on the River Mpassa and at the end of the Trans-Gabon Railway and the N3 road.

  • Mounana

    Mounana is a town in Gabon. It lies on the N3 road and from 1958 until the 1990s was a major uranium mining centre. The mine is now closed; it is now primarily a centre for agriculture.

  • Corisco

    Corisco, or Mandj, is a small island of Equatorial Guinea, located 29 kilometres (18 mi) southwest of the Rio Muni estuary that defines the border with Gabon.

  • Kango

    Kango is a town in the Estuaire Province of Gabon, Central Africa, lying on the Komo River and the N1 road.

  • Estuaire Province

    Estuaire is one of Gabon's nine provinces. It covers an area of 20,740 km². The provincial capital is Libreville, which is also the national capital.

  • Moanda

    Moanda is one of the largest towns in Gabon, lying on the N3 road in Haut Ogooué. It is also one of the most important manganese mining towns in the world, under the auspices of the Compagnie Minière de l'Ogooué (COMILOG), which began mining in 1957…

  • Lopé National Park

    Lopé National Park is a national park in central Gabon. Although the terrain is mostly rain forest, in the north the park contains the last remnants of grass savannas created in Central Africa during the last Ice Age, 15,000 years ago.

  • Elobey Chico

    Elobey Chico or Little Elobey is a small island offshore the coast of Equatorial Guinea, lying near the mouth of the Mitémélé River.

  • Cape Lopez

    Cape Lopez (French: Cap Lopez) is a 55 km-long peninsula on the coast of west central Africa, in the country of Gabon. It separates the Gulf of Guinea from the South Atlantic Ocean, and is located at latitude -0.63° (0° 38' S) and longitude 8.7° (8°…

  • Stade Omar Bongo

    Stade Omar Bongo is a multi-purpose stadium in Libreville, Gabon. It is currently used mostly for football matches. It serves as a home ground of FC 105 Libreville. The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 people.

  • Makokou

    Makokou is the regional capital of the Ogooué-Ivindo province in Gabon. Its coordinates are (0°34′N12°52′E). Its altitude is 308 m.

  • Haut-Ogooué Province

    Haut-Ogooué is one of Gabon's nine provinces. It is named after the Ogooué River. It covers an area of 36,547 km². The provincial capital is Franceville. One of its primary industries is mining, with manganese, gold and uranium being found in the re…

  • Elobey Grande

    Elobey Grande or Great Elobey is an island of Equatorial Guinea, lying at the mouth of the Mitémélé River. It is sparsely inhabited.

  • Kongou Falls

    Kongou Falls (also called the Koungou Falls) is a massive cataract about 3.2 kilometres wide and up to 56 m tall, located in Ivindo National Park in eastern Gabon. It is located on the Ivindo river and is one of the strongest-flowing waterfalls in t…

  • Mayumba, Gabon

    Mayumba is a town of about 2,500 people on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Gabon, at the end of the N6 road, lying on a peninsula separated from the mainland by the Banio Lagoon.

  • Koulamoutou

    Koulamoutou is the capital of Ogooué-Lolo Province in central Gabon, with a population of around 16,000 people. It lies at the confluence of the Lolo River and the River Bouenguidi and on the N6 road.

  • Bongoville

    Bongoville is a town in south eastern Gabon, lying east of Franceville. It was known as Lewai until its renaming for President Omar Bongo, who was born in what was then a village but was greatly enlarged under his presidency.

  • Okondja

    Okondja is a town in Haut-Ogooué province, eastern Gabon. It is the capital of the Sebe-Brikolo Department. According to the 1993 census it had a population of 5,193 and in 2013 it had an estimated population of 10,136 . It lies along National Route…

  • Point Denis

    Point Denis is the best known seaside resort in Gabon. It lies on a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gabon Estuary, across which boats sail to Libreville.

  • Lastoursville

    Lastoursville or Mandji is a city in central Gabon, lying on the River Ogooué, the Trans-Gabon Railway and the N3 road. It was founded as a slave depot named Mandji, renamed Maadiville in 1883 and finally took its current name for François Rigail de…