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  • Järvenpää railway station

    Järvenpää railway station (Finnish: Järvenpään rautatieasema, Swedish: Träskända järnvägsstation) is a railway station in Järvenpää about 37 kilometres (23 mi) north from Helsinki Central station. It is situated 200 metres (660 ft) northeast of the …

  • Juutuanjoki

    Juutuanjoki is a river of Finland that flows from the Lake Paatari in the municipality of Inari in Finnish Lapland into the Lake Inari, which in turn flows through the Paatsjoki River towards Russia and into the Barents Sea.

  • Jurmo

    Jurmo is the name of an island and a village in the municipality of Korpo in the outer islands of the archipelago off of Turku, Finland. Directly south of the island of Korpo and 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) northeast of the island of Utö, this elongated …

  • Junkarsborg

    Junkarsborg was a medieval castle in Karis, Finland. Today only rectangular earth walls remain. Archaeologists suppose that the castle was built in the early 14th century and was used until the beginning of the 15th. It probably was a predecessor of…

  • Jukajärvi

    Jukajärvi is a lake in the Finnish municipality of Juva located in the province of Eastern Finland. It covers an area of 9.2 km² in the Southern Savonia.

  • Jerisjärvi

    Jerisjärvi is a medium-sized lake of Finland in Muonio and Kittilä. It belongs to Tornionjoki main catchment area in Lapland.

  • Jakobstad Museum

    Jakobstad Museum (in Swedish: Jakobstads museum) is a city museum in the city of Jakobstad, Finland. It was founded in 1904, but worked as a private museum until 1906. The museum is a historic museum which is concentrated on maritime and ship buildi…

  • Ispoinen

    Ispoinen (Finnish; Ispois in Swedish) is a district in the Uittamo-Skanssi ward of the city of Turku, in Finland.

  • Isojärvi (Kuhmoinen)

    Isojärvi is a lake in Finland. It is situated in the municipality of Kuhmoinen and for a lesser part in the municipality of Jämsä in the Central Finland region. The lake is a part of the Kymijoki basin and drains into the lake Päijänne.

  • Innopoli

    Innopoli is a large and famous office building in the district of Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland, near the main campus of the Helsinki University of Technology. Innopoli provides housing for many newly founded Information Technology companies, and some fa…

  • Ingå railway station

    Ingå railway station (Swedish: Ingå järnvägsstation, Finnish: Inkoon rautatieasema) is a railway station in the municipality of Ingå, Finland, between the stations of Siuntio and Karis. It is located 19.3 kilometres (12.0 mi) west of the Siuntio sta…

  • Ilpoinen

    Ilpoinen (Finnish; Ilpois in Swedish) is a district in the Uittamo-Skanssi ward of the city of Turku, in Finland.

  • Ilmoilanselkä

    Ilmoilanselkä is a lake in Finland. It is part of a chain of lakes that begins from the lakes Lummene and Vesijako at the drainage divide between the Kokemäenjoki and Kymijoki basins, flows westwards from there through the lakes Kuohijärvi, Kukkia, …

  • Iisvesi

    Iisvesi is a rather large lake in Finland. The lake consists of three separate basins: Iisvesi, Virmasvesi and Rasvanki.

  • Höytiäinen

    Höytiäinen is a lake in Finland. Due to a mismanaged drainage attempt during 1859, the lake was reduced by around one third of its size. It flows through a channel formed in the drainage attempt, called Höytiäisenkanava, into Lake Pyhäselkä in the p…

  • Hämeenkatu

    Hämeenkatu is the main street of Tampere, Finland. The beautiful boulevard is roughly a kilometre long, and 28.5 metres (94 ft) wide (driveway and sidewalk) at its widest point.

  • Hyvinkää railway station

    Hyvinkää railway station (Finnish: Hyvinkään rautatieasema, Swedish: Hyvinge järnvägsstation) is located in Hyvinkää, Finland, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of Helsinki Central railway station. It is situated between the stations of Joke…

  • Husula

    Husula is a neighborhood in Hamina, Finland. It is located approximately 3 kilometres north from the town centre. Before the town of Hamina and municipality of Vehkalahti consolidated at the beginning of 2003, Husula was part of Vehkalahti.

  • Hotel Tammer

    Hotel Tammer (Sokos Hotel Tammer) is situated near Tammerkoski rapids in central Tampere, Finland. Tammer was built in 1929 and it belongs to S Groups Sokos Hotels chain.

  • Hiidenvesi

    Hiidenvesi is the second largest lake in the Uusimaa region in Finland. The biggest part of the lake is located in the municipality of Vihti and smaller parts in the town of Lohja.