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  • Perkkaanpuiston Montessorikoulu

    Perkkaanpuiston Montessorikoulu (Finnish for "Perkkaanpuisto Montessori School") was Finland's first proper primary school using the Montessori method of teaching. Prior to the opening of the school, the Montessori method had only been used in presc…

  • Pedersöre Church

    Pedersöre Church (Swedish: Pedersöre kyrka, Finnish: Pedersören kirkko) is a stone church in the city of Jakobstad, Finland. It dates back to 13th century, and it is one of the oldest churches in Österbotten.

  • Pautujärvi

    Pautujärvi (Northern Sami: Bávdejávri, Inari Sami: Pavdjävri, Skolt Sami: Paudjäu'rr) is a medium-sized lake in the Paatsjoki main catchment area. It is located in Kaldoaivi Wilderness Area in the region Lapland in Finland.

  • Parkano railway station

    The Parkano railway station is located in the town of Parkano, Finland. The station was opened for passenger and cargo traffic in 1971, and is located about six kilometres from the Parkano main urban area.

  • Paljavesi

    Paljavesi is a medium-sized lake in Finland. It is located in the Southern Savonia region in Finland, in the municipality of Mikkeli.

  • Pakankylä

    Pakankylä is a hamlet in the city of Espoo, Finland. The village lies near the Nuuksio National Park and just north of Lake Bodom, the largest lake in Espoo.

  • Orivesi railway station

    The Orivesi railway station is located in the town of Orivesi, Finland. The class IV station was built during the years 1881 to 1883. The station has been renewed several times, but the station building has remained almost unchanged in appearance. S…

  • Oriniemi

    Oriniemi is a district of the city of Turku, in Finland. It is located in the southwestern part of the island of Hirvensalo, off the city's coastline.

  • Onkivesi

    Onkivesi is a rather large lake of Finland. It belongs to the Vuoksi main catchment area. It is located in the Northern Savonia region and mostly in Lapinlahti municipality.

  • Onkamojärvi

    Onkamojärvi (Russian: Онкамоярви) is a lake in Salla municipality, Lapland, Finland. It is located on the border of Finland and Russia, most of the lake being on the Finnish side of the border. The lake's surface is 290.5 metres above sea level, and…

  • Oijärvi

    Oijärvi is a medium-sized lake of northern Finland in the Kuivajoki main catchment area. It is located in the Northern Ostrobothnia region and Ii municipality.

  • Norrmén house

    The Norrmén house, also known as the Norrmén castle and palace, was a red brick residential house representing the neo-renaissance architecture, situated for 63 years in Katajanokka, Helsinki, Finland, opposite the Uspenski Cathedral.

  • Nokia railway station

    The Nokia railway station is located in the town of Nokia, Finland, on the track between Tampere and Pori. The station was completed in 1895, and trains between Tampere and Pori stop there twelve times a day, half of which in each direction. A train…

  • Nitsijärvi

    Nitsijärvi (Skolt Sami: Njeˊǯǯjäuˊrr) is a medium-sized lake in the Lapland of Finland. It is situated only 68 km from the Norwegian border, in the village of Näätämö.

  • Nilakka

    Nilakka is a rather large lake in Northern Savonia, Finland. With the area of nearly 169 km² it is the 25th largest lake in the country.

  • Nikkilä

    Nikkilä (Swedish: Nickby) is a village located in the Sipoo municipality in the Uusimaa region of the Southern Finland province.

  • Niinivesi

    Niinivesi is a medium-sized lake of Finland and it belongs to the Kymijoki main catchment area. The lake is situated in Rautalampi, Tervo and Vesanto municipalities. Niinivesi is almost divided into northern and southern part. The northern part is 2…

  • Nastola railway station

    The Nastola railway station (Finnish: Nastolan rautatieasema, Swedish language: Nastola järnvägsstation) is located in the municipality of Nastola in the Päijänne Tavastia region, in Finland. The distance from the Lahti railway station is 15.7 kilom…