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  • Myory

    Myory (Belarusian: Мёры; Russian: Миоры, Мёры; Polish: Miory) is a town in the Vitebsk Region of Belarus, an administrative center of Myory Raion.

  • Maladzyechna (air base)

    Maladzyechna (also Molodechno) was an air base in Belarus located 8 km south of Maladzyechna. It was a 1960s-era attack or interceptor base. Towards the end of the Cold War it was plowed under for farmland. The geometrics remained visible on Google …

  • Lyakhavichy District

    Lyakhavichy District (Belarusian: Ляхавіцкі раён, Russian: Ляховичский район) is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Region, in Belarus.

  • Luninets (air base)

    Luninets (also Luninets North or Luninyets) is an air base in Belarus, located 4 km northwest of Luninets. It was a fighter-bomber training airfield during the Cold War.

  • Loyew

    Loyew (Belarusian: Ло́еў, Łojeŭ), pronounced [loyew]; or Loyev (Russian: Ло́ев), pronounced [ˈloɪf]; is a city in the Belarusian province of Homiel and the administrative centre of Loyew Raion.

  • Lake Osveya

    Lake Osveya or Lake Osveyskoye (Belarusian: Асвейскае возера or Асьвейскае возера; Russian: озеро Осве́я or Осве́йское озеро) is a large freshwater lake in the Vitsebsk Voblast, northern Belarus, near the borders of Latvia and Russia. It has an area…

  • Lake Ikazn

    Lake Ikazn (Belarusian: Возера Іказнь) is a lake in the Braslau Lakes National Park of northern Belarus. It liea about 14 km east of Braslau and has an area of 2.38 km ² and length of 2.97 km . The maximum width is 0.8 km and its coastline is 12.7 k…

  • Kobryn District

    Kobryn District is an administrative subdivision, a raion of Brest Voblast, in Belarus. The regional center - the city of Kobrin. In the region of 162 localities belonging to the 13 rural councils. According to the 2009 census, the population of the…

  • Iput River

    The Iput River (Belarusian: Іпуць, [iputsʲ]; Russian: Ипуть) is a river in Mahilyow and Homyel Voblasts in Belarus and Smolensk and Bryansk Oblasts in Russia. It is a left tributary of the Sozh River. The length of the Iput River is 437 km. The area…

  • Dieveniškės Regional Park

    Dieveniškės Regional Park, established in 1992, covers 11,000 hectares in southeastern Lithuania near the city of Šalčininkai. Its natural and cultural features include Bėčionys castle mound, the Norviliškės monastery complex, and geologic formation…

  • Čačersk

    Čačersk (Belarusian: Чачэрск, [tʂaˈtʂɛrsk], Russian: Чечерск, Polish: Czeczersk) is a city in the Gomel Region of Belarus, an administrative center of the Čačersk district.

  • Borovitsy

    Borovitsy (also Borovitsi, Polotsk Northwest, and Borovtsy) is an air base in Belarus, located 16 km northwest of Polatsk. It is a Cold War air base with sprawling taxiway area and pads for about 40 aircraft. During the 1960s it was probably home to…

  • Barysaŭski trakt (Minsk Metro)

    Barysaŭski Trakt (Belarusian: Барысаўскі тракт; Russian: Борисовский тракт, IPA: [bɐˈrʲisəfskʲɪj trakt]; "Barysaw's Tract") is a Minsk Metro station on the Moskovskaya Line.

  • Byaroza District

    Byaroza District (Belarusian language: Бярозаўскі раён) is an administrative subdivision of the Brest Region of Belarus with the center in Biaroza.

  • Begoml

    Begoml or Biahoml (Belarusian: Бягомль, Бе'гамле; Russian: Бего́мль) is an urban settlement in the Dokshitsy district of Vitsebsk Province, Belarus, located on Highway М3 (Belarus) 100 kilometres (62 mi) from Minsk to the north, 157 kilometres (98 m…

  • Akciabrski

    Akciabrski (Belarusian: Акцябрскі) is an urban type settlement in Gomel Region, southern Belarus, the administrative center of Akciabrski Rajon.

  • Zdzitava

    Zdzitava (Belarusian language: Здзітава) is a village in the Biaroza rajon of the Brest voblast of Belarus located between the lakes chornaye and Sporawskaye on the Drahabuzh River with a population of fewer than 1000 people.

  • Vselyub

    Vselyub (Belarusian: Уселюб, Polish: Wsielub) is a village in Navahrudak District, Grodno Region, Belarus. Vselyub is a centre of selsoviet (rural council) within the administrative division of Belarus. Before the Partitions of Poland, it belonged t…