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  • Bobr (air base)

    Bobr (also given as Bobr East) was an air base in Belarus located 20 km west of Talacyn. It appears to have been a forward deployment field. It is now plowed under into farmland. A new major highway connecting Minsk to Moscow is just 1 km north of t…

  • Beshankovichy

    Biešankovičy (also spelled Beshenkovichy, Beshankovichy) (Belarusian: Бешанко́вічы; Polish: Bieszenkowicze) is a town in the Vitebsk Province of Belarus and a port on the Western Dvina river. It is 51 km (31.69 mi) west of Vitebsk on the railway lin…

  • 2008 Minsk bombing

    The 2008 Minsk bombing took place just after midnight on 4 July 2008, in Minsk, Belarus and wounded 54 people. The explosion happened near the Hero City Memorial at a concert to celebrate Belarus' independence.

  • Byelaazyorsk

    'Belaazyorsk (Belarusian: Белаазёрск, Russian: Белоозёрск, '✌Beloozyorsk) is a city in the southwestern Belarus, voblast (province) of Brest.

  • Balbasovo

    Balbasovo (also given as Balbasava, Bolbasovo, Orsha Southwest, and Orsha) is a long-range bomber air base in Belarus, located 11 km southwest of Orsha. It has a long runway, large tarmac area, and 30 large revetments. A remote revetment area contai…

  • Babruysk Arena

    Babruysk Arena, also known as Bobruisk Arena, is an indoor sporting arena located in Babruysk, Belarus. It is used to host various indoor events and serves as the home of Shinnik Bobruisk of the Belarusian Extraliga.

  • Atlant Stadium

    Atlant Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Novopolotsk, Belarus. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Naftan Novopolotsk.

  • Akademiya Nauk (Minsk Metro)

    Akademiya Nauk or Akademija Navuk (Russian: Академия Наук; Belarusian: Акадэмія навук, pronounced [akaˈdɛmʲija naˈvuk], lit. Academy of Sciences) is a station on the Minsk Metro's Moskovskaya Line.

  • Łosiniany

    Łosiniany [wɔɕiˈɲanɨ] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Krynki, within Sokółka County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, in north-eastern Poland, close to the border with Belarus.

  • Žytkavičy

    Žytkavičy (Belarusian: Жыткавічы) is a town in the Gomel Region of Belarus, an administrative center of the Žytkavičy district.

  • Zhyrovichy Monastery

    Zhyrovichy Monastery (Belarusian: Жыровіцкі манастыр) is an Orthodox monastery in Belarus, in the village of Zhyrovichy (Slonim rajon, Hrodna voblast).

  • Uzlyany

    Uzlyany (Belarusian: Вузля́ны), also known as Uzlany, is a town in Belarus near Minsk (Pukhavichy Raion of Minsk Region).

  • Ubort River

    Ubort River (Russian: Уборть) is a river in Zhytomyr Oblast (Ukraine) and Homiel Voblast (Belarus), a right tributary to the Pripyat River, in the Dnieper river basin.

  • Talachyn

    Talachyn (Belarusian: Талачы́н, Łacinka: Tałačyn, pronounced [taɫaˈtʂɨn]) or Tolochin (Russian: Толо́чин; Polish: Tołoczyn, Yiddish: Tolotshin ,טאָלאָטשין, Lithuanian: Talačynas) is a city in the Viciebsk Region of Belarus, an administrative center …

  • Strochitsy

    Strochitsy (Belarusian: Строчыца, Strochytsa - Russian: Сторчицы), also named Strochitsy-Ozertso, is a village and municipality in Belarus, located in the Minsk Region.

  • Stolin District

    The Stolin District is an administrative subdivision, a raion, in the southeast of the Brest Region, in Belarus. It was established on January 15, 1940 with its administrative center in the city of Stolin. The region has a population of 89,000 peopl…

  • Spartak Stadium (Bobruisk)

    Spartak Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Bobruisk, Belarus. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Belshina Bobruisk as well as women's team Bobruichanka Bobruisk.

  • Sosny

    Sosny (Belarusian: Сосны; English translation - Pines) is a city approximately 15 kilometers outside of Minsk, Belarus.

  • Sluch River (Belarus)

    The Sluch or Northern Sluch (Belarusian: Случ, Паўночная Случ; Lithuanian: Slučė, Šiaurinė Slučė; Slovak: Sluč, Severní Sluč) is a river of Belarus. Rising in Minsk Voblast it flows for 228 km, past the cities of Salihorsk and Slutsk, finally emptyi…

  • Sapotskin

    Sapotskin (Belarusian: Сапоцкін, Russian: Сопоцкин, Polish: Sopoćkinie) is a small town in Belarus, 27 km (16.8 mi) north-east of Hrodna.

  • Rudensk

    Rudensk (Belarusian: Рудзенск, Rudzensk - Russian: Руденск) is a municipality and urban-type settlement in Belarus, located in the Minsk Region.

  • Rozhyshche

    Rozhyshche (Ukrainian: Рожище, Polish: Rożyszcze) is a town in Volyn Oblast, Ukraine. It serves as an administrative center of Rozhyshche Raion.

  • Pribytki

    Pribytki (also Zyabrovka) is an air base in Belarus located in Homiel Voblast, 16 km southeast of Gomel. In the early 1960s it was flying Tupolev Tu-16R aircraft. The airfield was renovated in 1963. It received the Tu-22R around 1966, and by 1967 ha…

  • Petras Vileišis Bridge

    Petras Vileišis Bridge formerly known as Vilijampolė Bridge is a bridge connecting Kaunas Old Town and Vilijampolė, Lithuania. It is the last bridge over the Neris River before its mouth. Its length exceeds 291 metres, width 14 metres. The bridge wa…