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  • Dzyarzhynsk

    Dzyarzhynsk or Dzerzhinsk; formerly Koydanava (Belarusian: Дзяржы́нск Dziaržynsk [dzʲarˈʐɨnsk]; Russian: Дзержинск), in the Dzyarzhynsk Raion of Belarus, is a city with a history dating to the 11th century.

  • Zhodzina

    Zhodzina (officially transliterated as Žodzina, also spelled Zhodino, Belarusian: Жо́дзіна, pronounced [ˈʐodzʲina], Russian: Жо́дино, pronounced [ˈʐodʲɪnə]), is a city in Belarus, located in the Minsk Region, 50 km to north-east from Minsk.

  • Traktor Stadium

    The Traktar Stadium, formerly known as Stadium of the VSS Red Banner (Russian: Стадион ДСО «Красное знамя»), is the second largest multi-purpose stadium in Belarus.

  • Svislach River

    Svislach (Belarusian: Свíслач, pronounced [ˈsʲvʲisɫatʂ]) or Svisloch (Russian: Свислочь) is a river in Belarus, a right tributary of the Biarezina river. It is 327 km in length.

  • Ruzhany Palace

    Ruzhany Palace (Belarusian: палац у Ружанах) is a ruined palace compound in Ruzhany village, Pruzhany Raion (district), Brest Voblast (province), Western Belarus.

  • Maryina Horka

    Maryina Horka (Belarusian: Мар'іна Горка, Russian: Марьина Горка, Maryina Gorka) is a town in Minsk Voblast, Belarus, the capital of the Pukhavichy Raion.

  • Kosava, Belarus

    Kosava, also known as Kossovo (Belarusian: Кóсава, formerly Kosava-Paleskaje, Polish: Kosów Poleski, Russian: Кóссово, Yiddish: קאסעוו) is a small town in the Ivatsevichy Raion in the Brest Region of Belarus, located at (52°45′N25°09′E).

  • Kopys

    Kopys (Russian: Копысь, Russian pronunciation: [ˈkopɨsʲ]) (Belarusian: Копысь, Belarusian pronunciation: [ˈkopɨsʲ]) is an urban-type settlement in the Orsha Raion, Vitebsk Region, Belarus.

  • Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

    Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary (Belarusian: Архікатэдральны касцёл Імя Найсвяцейшай Панны Марыі, Arkhikatedral’ny kastsyol Imya Naysvyatseyshay Panny Maryi) is a Roman Catholic baroque cathedral in Minsk.

  • Bykhaw

    Bykhaw (Belarusian: Бы́хаў, Łacinka: Bychaŭ, pronounced [ˈbɨxaʊ]) or Bykhov (Russian: Бы́хов, Polish: Bychów, Yiddish: Bihov ,ביחאָוו, Lithuanian: Bychavas) is a town in the eastern Belarusian voblast of Mahilyow. It is located 44 km south of Mahily…

  • Byaroza

    Byaroza (Belarusian: Бяро́за, official Belarusian romanization standard: Biaroza, also Бяро́за-Карту́зская; Russian: Берёза, tr. Beryoza; Polish: Bereza) is a town of 31 000 inhabitants (1995) in Western Belarus in Brest Region and the administrativ…

  • Zaslawye

    Zaslawye or Zaslaŭje (Belarusian: Засла́ўе, [zaˈsɫau̯je]; Russian: Заславль; Polish: Zasław) is a historic town in Minsk Province of Belarus, 20 kilometres northwest of Minsk.

  • Stolin

    Stolin (Belarusian: Сто́лін; Ukrainian: Сто́лін; Russian: Сто́лин; Polish: Stolin; Hebrew: סטולין‎) is a town in the Brest Voblast of Belarus. It is the centre of the largest district in Brest voblast. The population is 10,491 people (2012). The Bel…

  • Smarhon’

    Smarhon’ or Smorgon (Belarusian: Смаргонь, [smarˈɣonʲ]; Russian: Сморгонь; Lithuanian: Smurgainys; Polish: Smorgonie; Yiddish: סמאָרגאָן) is a city in the Grodno Region of Belarus. It was the site of Smarhon’ air base, now mostly abandoned. Smarhon’…

  • Ruzhany

    Ruzhany (Belarusian: Ружаны, Polish: Różana, Yiddish: ראָזשינאָי; former / alternative spellings include Różana and Ruzhinoy) is a small town located in Pruzhany Raion of Brest Region, Belarus.

  • Ruba

    Ruba is an urban settlement (status since 1970) in the Vitebsk Oblast of Belarus. It is subordinated to the ispolkom (administration) of Zheleznodorozhny District of Vitebsk.

  • Minsk Passazhirsky railway station

    Minsk Passazhirsky (Minsk Passenger Station, Belarusian: Мінск-Пасажырскі - Russian: Минск-Пассажирский) is the primary passenger railway station in Belarus. It is located in the centre of Minsk.

  • Lake Narach

    Lake Narach (Belarusian: Нарач, pronounced [ˈnaratʂ]; Russian: На́рочь; Polish: Narocz; Lithuanian: Narutis) is a lake in north-western Belarus (Myadzyel Raion, Minsk Region), located in the basin of the Viliya river.

  • Drutsk

    Druck or Drutsk (Belarusian: Друцк, [drutsk]; Russian: Друцк, also known as Дрютескъ (Dryutesk) or Дрюческъ (Druchesk) in the Middle Ages), is a historical town in Belarus, 40 kilometres (ca.

  • Constitutional Court of Belarus

    The Constitutional Court of Belarus is one of the top-tier courts in the Eastern European country. Created in 1994, the Court is run under guidelines that were issued in 1997. The purpose of the court is to render justice in areas where the constitu…

  • Chizhovka-Arena

    Chyzhouka-Arena (Belarusian: Чыжоўка-Арэна, Łacinka: Čyžoŭka-Arena; Russian: Чижовка-Арена) is a multi-use indoor arena in Minsk, Belarus. It is intended mostly for concerts, ice hockey and other indoor sporting events. The arena has a capacity of ~…


    BelOMO or Belorusskoe Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Belarus Optical & Mechanical Enterprise) was founded in Minsk in 1971 in Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union, now Belarus. The main plant of this enterprise is the Minskiy Mechanichesckiy Zavod i…

  • Uzda

    Uzda (Belarusian: Узда – (Russian: Узда) is a town in Belarus, located in the Minsk Region. It is the administrative seat of the Uzda Raion.

  • Old Hrodna Castle

    The Old Hrodna Castle (also known as the Hrodna Upper Castle and Bathory's Castle) originated in the 11th century as the seat of a dynasty of Black Ruthenian rulers, descended from a younger son of Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev.

  • Mstsislaw

    Mstislaw or Mstislavl (Belarusian: Мсці́слаў, Mscisłaŭ, pronounced [msʲt͡sʲiˈsɫau̯]; Russian: Мстиславль; IPA: [msʲtʲɪˈslavlʲ]) is a town in Mogilev Region, Eastern Belarus. It serves as the administrative center of Mstsislaw Raion.

  • Lida Castle

    Lida Castle (Belarusian: Лідскі замак) was one of several citadels erected by Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania in the early 14th century to defend his lands against the expansion of the Teutonic Knights. Other links in this chain of defense include…

  • Hantsavichy Radar Station

    Hantsavichy Radar Station (Russian: Ганцевичах РЛС, Belarusian: Ганцавічы РЛС) (also described as Gantsevichi) is a Volga-type Radar near Hantsavichy (48 km from Baranavichy in Belarus). It is an early warning radar which is run by the Russian Aeros…

  • Belarusfilm

    Belarusfilm (Belarusian: Беларусьфільм, Russian: Беларусьфильм) is the main film studio of Belarus.

  • Styr River

    The Styr River (Ukrainian: Стир; Russian: Стырь) is right tributary of the Pripyat River, with a length of 494 km.

  • Stowbtsy

    Stowbtsy (Belarusian: Стоўбцы, Stoŭbcy, Belarusian pronunciation: [ˈstowpt͡sɨ]) or Stolbtsy (Russian: Столбцы; IPA: [stɐlˈptsɨ]; Polish: Stołpce; Yiddish: סטויבץ Steibtz) is a town in Minsk Region, Belarus, the administrative center of the Stowbtsy …

  • Shkloŭ

    Škłoŭ (Belarusian: Шклоў, [ʂkɫɔu̯]; Russian: Шклов, Shklov; Yiddish: שקלאָוו, Shklav) is a town in Mahilyow Voblast, Belarus, located 35 kilometres (22 mi) north of Mogilev on the Dnieper river. It has a railway station on the line between Orsha and…

  • Mogilev Airport

    Mogilev Airport (Belarusian: Аэрапорт Магілёў, Russian: Аэропорт Могилёв) (IATA: MVQ, ICAO: UMOO) is an airport that serves Mahilyow, Belarus.

  • Luninets

    Luninets (Belarusian: Лунінец, Russian: Лунине́ц, Polish: Łuniniec, BGN/PCGN romanization: Luninyets) is a town and administrative centre for the Luninets district in Brest Province, Belarus, before which it was in Poland (1540–1793, 1920–1939) and …

  • Kreva Castle

    Kreva Castle (Belarusian: Крэўскі замак) is the ruins of a major fortified residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Gediminas and Algirdas) in the village of Kreva, Belarus. Algirdas's brother Kęstutis was imprisoned and murdered in the Kreva Cast…

  • Karelichy

    Karelichy (Belarusian: Карэлічы; Russian: Коре́личи, Korelichi; Polish: Korelicze; Yiddish: קארעליץ, Korelitz) is a town in Hrodna Province, Belarus, a raion center.