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  • Oosterweel Link

    The Oosterweel Link is a long running proposed construction project intended to complete the Antwerp Ring Road. Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel (Holding Company Antwerp Mobility - BAM), a Flemish Government controlled body has, since 2001, prop…

  • Merelbeke

    Merelbeke (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmeːrəlbeːkə]) is a municipality located in the Flemish province of East Flanders, in Belgium. The municipality comprises the villages of Bottelare, Lemberge, Melsen, Merelbeke proper, Munte and Schelderode.

  • Martyrs' Square, Brussels

    Martyrs' Square (French Place des Martyrs; Dutch Martelarenplein) is a square in the centre of Brussels. The current name of this square refers to the dead of the September days of the Belgian Revolution of 1830. Originally the square was called 'Pl…

  • Lommel Proving Grounds

    The Lommel Proving Ground also known as the Ford LPG, is an automotive proving ground, constructed by Ford of Europe on ground rented from the municipality of Lommel, located south of the Belgian hamlet of Kattenbos.

  • Leefdaal

    Leefdaal is a small town in central Belgium, in the Flemish Brabant. It is part of the commune of Bertem. Before 1977 it used to be one of the biggest villages in the region.

  • Ladeuzeplein

    The Mgr. Ladeuzeplein is a square (plein is Dutch for square) in the center of Leuven (50°52′42″N4°42′20″E). ). The square was named after a former rector of the Catholic University Leuven, Monseigneur Paulin Ladeuze. The Ladeuzeplein is the largest…

  • Kiewit

    Kiewit is a parish and township within the northernmost section of the Dutch (Flemish) speaking Belgian municipality of Hasselt.

  • Jules Ottenstadion

    Jules Ottenstadion was a multi-purpose stadium in Gentbrugge, Ghent, Belgium. It was used mostly for football matches and used to be the home ground of K.A.A. Gent. The stadium held 12,919 seats and was built in 1920. It has been replaced by the new…

  • Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

    The Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux, in Gembloux, Wallonia, Belgium, is a university in the French Community of Belgium. Its official language is French. The university is housed in the historical Abbey of Gembloux, which…

  • Fortified Position of Namur

    The fortified position of Namur (position fortifiée de Namur (PFN)) was established by Belgium following World War I to fortify the traditional invasion corridor between Germany and France through Belgium. The position incorporated the fortress ring…

  • Finance Tower

    The Finance Tower (French: Tour des Finances, Dutch: Financietoren) is a skyscraper in the Northern Quarter central business district of Brussels, Belgium, designed by the architects Hugo Van Kuyck, Marcel Lambrichs and Léon Stynen.

  • Esplanade of the European Parliament

    The Esplanade of the European Parliament, or simply the mall, with its most representative part Solidarność 1980 Esplanade, (French: L'esplanade du Parlement européen, or le mail, Dutch: Esplanade van het Europees Parlement) is a pedestrian mall in …

  • Ekeren

    Ekeren is a northern district of the municipality of Antwerp in the Flemish Region of Belgium. The suburb celebrated its 850th birthday in 2005; the name of the town was first mentioned in 1155, as "Hecerna".

  • Boston University Brussels

    Boston University Brussels, officially named the Boston University Brussels Graduate Center, and also known as BUB, was part of Boston University's Metropolitan College (MET), one of seventeen degree granting colleges that make up Boston University.

  • Beauvechain Air Base

    Beauvechain Air Base (ICAO: EBBE) is a Belgian Air Component military airfield in Belgium, located 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Beauvechain (Walloon Brabant Province); 20 miles (32 km) east-southeast of Brussels

  • Arrondissement of Antwerp

    The Arrondissement of Antwerp (Dutch: Arrondissement Antwerpen; French: Arrondissement d'Anvers) is one of the three administrative arrondissements in the Province of Antwerp, Belgium. It is both an administrative and a judicial arrondissement.

  • World Trade Center (Brussels)

    The World Trade Center of Brussels, Belgium is a complex of skyscrapers at the corner of Albert II Boulevard and Simon Bolivar Boulevard in the Northern Quarter central business district of Brussels.

  • Westmalle Abbey

    The Trappist Abbey of Westmalle or Abdij van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van het Heilig Hart (E: Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred heart), which belongs to the Cistercians of Strict Observance, is located in Westmalle (Malle), in the Campine region of the provin…

  • Virga Jesse Basilica

    The Virga-Jesse Basilica in Hasselt, Belgium, stands where a member of the Fraternity of Our Lady built the Clerkenkapel in 1334. This first building was replaced by a church in late Baroque and early Classical Revival style in 1727.

  • Villers Abbey

    Villers Abbey (abbaye de Villers) is an ancient Cistercian abbey located in the town of Villers-la-Ville in the Walloon Brabant province of Wallonia (Belgium), one piece of the Wallonia's Major Heritage.

  • Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst

    The Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (commonly abbreviated as S.M.A.K., translated as City Museum for Contemporary Art) is a relatively new museum located in Ghent, Belgium, and is renowned both for its permanent collection (Karel Appel, Francis …

  • Statue of Europe

    The Statue of Europe (also referred to as Unity in Peace) is a sculpture symbolising peace through European integration, while at the same time aiming to demonstrate the motto of the European Union (EU), United in Diversity. It is located in the gar…

  • Royal Observatory of Belgium

    The Royal Observatory of Belgium, officially known in French as the Observatoire Royal de Belgique, and in Dutch as the Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van België, is situated in Uccle (Ukkel in Dutch) since 1890. It was first established in Saint-Josse-te…

  • Republic of Bouillon

    The Republic of Bouillon was a short-lived French client republic, around the city of Bouillon in present-day Belgium, based on the duchy of Bouillon, which had existed between France and the Austrian Netherlands since the 15th century. Reforms, spo…

  • Botanic Garden Meise

    The Botanic Garden Meise (Dutch: Plantentuin Meise, French: Jardin botanique Meise; until 2014 called the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (Dutch: Nationale Plantentuin van België, French: Jardin Botanique National de Belgique)) is located in the …

  • Meuse-Inférieure

    Meuse-Inférieure ("Lower Meuse"; Dutch: Nedermaas or Beneden-Maas; German: Niedermaas) is the name of a département of the First French Empire in present-day Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. It is named after the river Meuse.