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  • Sint-Truiden Air Base

    Sint-Truiden Air Base (also known as Brustem Air Base) (Dutch: Luchtmachtbasis Sint-Truiden) (French: Base Aérienne Saint-Trond) (ICAO: EBST) is a Belgian Air Component base, located south of Sint-Truiden (Limburg), approximately 37 miles (60 km) ea…

  • Regenboogstadion

    Regenboogstadion (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈreː.ʝə(n).boːçˌstaː.di.jɔn]) is a multi-use stadium in Waregem, Belgium. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of S.V. Zulte-Waregem. The stadium holds 10,200. Regenboogstadi…

  • Port of Ghent

    The port of Ghent is the third biggest port in Belgium. The first port of Ghent was situated at the Scheldt river and later on at the Lys river. Since the Middle Ages Ghent has sought for a connection to the sea. In the 13th century via the Lieve ca…

  • Ourthe

    The Ourthe is a 165-kilometre (103 mi) long river in the Ardennes in Wallonia (Belgium). It is a right tributary to the river Meuse.

  • Leopold Park

    Parc Léopold (French) or Leopoldspark (Dutch) is a public park located within the Leopold Quarter (European Quarter) of Brussels, adjacent to the Paul-Henri Spaak building, the seat of the European Parliament.

  • La Cambre Abbey

    The Abbey of La Cambre or Ter Kameren Abbey (French: Abbaye de La Cambre, Dutch: Abdij Ter Kameren) is a former Cistercian abbey in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. It is located in the Maelbeek valley between the Bois de la Cambre and the Ixelles Ponds.

  • Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport

    Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport (IATA: KJK, ICAO: EBKT) is located in Belgium, partly in the town of Wevelgem and also in Bissegem, a part of the city of Kortrijk. It is mainly used as a business airport. One of the main users of this airpor…

  • Joe's Bridge

    Joe's Bridge is the nickname given to Bridge No.9 on the Bocholt-Herentals Canal outside the town of Neerpelt, near the Belgian city of Lommel just south of the Belgian-Dutch border.

  • Hippodrome Wellington

    The Hippodrome Wellington (also Wellingtonrenbaan) is a horse racing track in Ostend in the Flemish Region of Belgium built in 1883, renovated in 2011 and named after Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.

  • Heysel Plateau

    The Heysel Exhibition Park is the place in the north of the centre of Brussels, Belgium, where the Brussels International Exposition (1935) and the Expo '58 took place.

  • Haren, Belgium

    Haren (Dutch and French, sometimes written Haeren in French) is an old municipality of Brussels in Belgium, that was merged into the municipality of the City of Brussels in 1921. It is an outlying part of the municipality of the city and is situated…

  • Groep T

    Group T (Groep T) is a college (formerly hogeschool (college)) in Leuven, Belgium. The school was formed by a fusion of an existing school for technical (industrial) engineers and the Provinciale Normaalschool.

  • Florennes Air Base

    Florennes Air Base (ICAO: EBFS) is a Belgian Air Component military airfield located in Florennes, a municipality of Belgium. It is home to the 2nd Tactical Wing, operating F-16 Fighting Falcons. It also used to be the home to the Tactical Leadershi…

  • Flanders Expo

    Flanders Expo is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Ghent, Flanders, Belgium. Flanders Expo was founded in 1986. The first CEO was Marc Mortier from 1986 till 2002. Flanders Expo is the biggest event hall in Flanders, and the second biggest in Belgium.

  • Euro Space Center

    Euro Space Center is a science museum and educational tourist attraction located in Transinne (Libin), near Redu in Belgium. It is devoted to space science and astronautics.

  • Brakel

    Brakel (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbraːkəl]) is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders in the Denderstreek and the Flemish Ardennes. The name is derived from a Carolingian villa Braglo first mentioned in 866 and located in the center of…

  • Bouchout Castle

    Bouchout Castle (Dutch: Kasteel van Bouchout) is a castle in the Flemish town of Meise, Belgium. In the 12th century, this territory of the young Duchy of Brabant was strategically positioned between the County of Flanders and the Berthout family, l…

  • Bokrijk

    Bokrijk is a provincial domain in Limburg, Belgium, situated near the city of Genk. It is mainly known for its open-air museum.

  • Boekentoren

    The Boekentoren, (Dutch for Book Tower) is a famous building located in Ghent, Belgium, designed by the Belgian architect Henry van de Velde. It is part of the Ghent University Library and currently houses 3 million books.

  • BELvue Museum

    The BELvue Museum in Brussels, Belgium, is a museum about the national history of Belgium. Exhibitions divided over twelve rooms explore the major periods in Belgium's history, such as the Belgian Revolution, the country in World War I and in World …

  • Astrid Park

    Parc Astrid (French) or Astridpark (Dutch) is an urban public park in Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium, inaugurated on August 13, 1911. It was named Parc du Meir/Meirpark until 1935, when the mayor of Anderlecht decided to change the name in memory of …

  • Affligem Abbey

    Affligem Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in the municipality of Affligem, Flemish Brabant, Belgium, twelve miles to the north-west of Brussels.

  • Adinkerke

    Adinkerke a small town in western Belgium close to the French border. It is a conurbation with the coastal town of De Panne which in turn is part of the west Belgian coastal conurbation. Adinkerke railway station is also the Western terminus of the …

  • Vooruit

    Vooruit Arts' Centre (Dutch: Feestlokaal van Vooruit) is a historic complex in the Belgian city of Ghent. Vooruit was originally the festival and art center of the Ghent-based labor movement, with a ballroom, cinema, theater, etc.

  • Triangle building

    The EEAS Headquarters (initially also known as The Capital, and sometimes referred to as the Triangle building) is the building in which most of the European External Action Service (EEAS) resides. The office building is on Schuman roundabout in the…

  • The Peak Lookout

    The Peak Lookout (太平山餐廳) is a restaurant located in a heritage house at Victoria Gap, near the summit of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is housed in a 19th-century Grade II Historic Building. Originally known as the Old Peak Café, …

  • Temple of Human Passions

    The Temple of Human Passions (French: Pavillon des passions humaines, Dutch: Tempel van de menselijke driften), also known as Pavillon Horta-Lambeaux, is a neoclassical pavilion in the form of a Greek temple that was built by Victor Horta in 1896 in…

  • Simonis metro station

    The Simonis Metro Station is a station on the Brussels Metro serving lines 2 and 6 via two different levels called Elisabeth and Leopold II. It opened on 6 October 1982 and is situated at the end of Boulevard Léopold II. It is close to Elizabeth Par…