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  • Sarajevo

    Sarajevo (Bosnian pronunciation: [sǎrajeʋo]) is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an estimated population of 369,534. The Sarajevo metropolitan area, including Sarajevo, East Sarajevo and surrounding municipalities, is hom…

  • Srebrenica massacre

    The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide (Bosnian: Genocid u Srebrenici), was the genocidal killing, in July 1995, of more than 8,000 Bosniaks, mainly men and boys, in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. T…

  • Ratko Mladić

    Ratko Mladić (Serbian Cyrillic: Ратко Младић, pronounced [râtko mlǎːdit͡ɕ]; born 12 March 1942) is a former Bosnian Serb military leader accused of committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. On 31 May 2011, Mladić was extradited to…

  • Siege of Sarajevo

    The Siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. After being initially besieged by the forces of the Yugoslav People's Army, Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was besieged by the Army of …

  • Bosnian pyramid claims

    The Bosnian pyramids are a pseudo-archaeological claim promoted by author Semir Osmanagić, that a cluster of natural hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina are the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth. The hills are located near the town of…

  • Banja Luka

    Banja Luka (Cyrillic: Бања Лука, pronounced [bǎɲa lǔːka]) is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the capital Sarajevo and is the largest city of the Republika Srpska entity. Traditionally, it has been the center of the Bosanska K…

  • Srebrenica

    Srebrenica (Cyrillic: Сребреница, pronounced [srêbrenit͡sa]) is a town and municipality in easternmost Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Stari Most

    Stari Most (English: Old Bridge) is a reconstruction of a 16th-century Ottoman bridge in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina that crosses the river Neretva and connects two parts of the city. The Old Bridge stood for 427 years, until it was…

  • Tuzla

    Tuzla is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the seat of the Tuzla Canton and is the economic, scientific, cultural, educational, health and tourist centre of northeast Bosnia. After Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Tuzla is the third largest city in Bo…

  • Scott O'Grady

    Scott Francis O'Grady (born October 12, 1965) is a former United States Air Force fighter pilot. On June 2, 1995, he was shot down over Bosnia by an SA-6 mobile SAM launcher and forced to eject from his F-16C into hostile territory. After nearly a w…

  • Sarajevo International Airport

    Sarajevo International Airport (IATA: SJJ, ICAO: LQSA), also known as Butmir Airport, is the main international airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located 3.3 NM (6.1 km; 3.8 mi) southwest of the railway station in the capital city of Sarajevo in th…

  • Neum

    Neum (Croatian pronunciation: [nɛ̌um], Cyrillic: Неум) is the only coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It comprises 24.5 km (15 mi) of coastline, the country's only access to the Adriatic Sea.

  • Bijeljina

    Bijeljina (Cyrillic: Бијељина; pronounced [bijêːʎina]) is a city and municipality in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is the second largest in the Republika Srpska entity after Banja Luka and fifth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina…

  • Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbo-Croatian: Socijalistička Republika Bosna i Hercegovina, Социјалистичка Pепублика Босна и Херцеговина) was one of the six constituent federal units forming the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugo…

  • Višegrad

    Višegrad (Serbian Cyrillic: Вишеград, pronounced [ʋǐʃɛɡraːd]) is a town and municipality in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina resting on the Drina river and in the Republika Srpska entity. The town includes the Ottoman-era Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge,…

  • Blagaj

    Blagaj is a village-town (kasaba) in the south-eastern region of the Mostar basin, in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It stands at the edge of Bišće plain and is one of the most valuable mixed urban and rural structures in …

  • Bihać

    Bihać (Cyrillic: Бихаћ; pronounced [bǐxaːt͡ɕ]) is a city on the River Una in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Bosanska Krajina region. It has 61,186 inhabitants.

  • Banja Luka incident

    The Banja Luka incident on 28 February 1994, was an incident in which six Republika Srpska Air Force J-21 Jastreb single-seat light attack jets were engaged, and four of them shot down, by United States Air Force F-16 fighters southwest of Banja Luk…

  • Jajce

    Jajce is a city and municipality located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Bosanska Krajina region. It is part of the Central Bosnia Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity.

  • Travnik

    Travnik (Bosnian pronunciation: [trâːʋniːk]) is a town and municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, 90 kilometres (56 miles) west of Sarajevo. It is the capital of the Central Bosnia Canton, and is located in the Travnik Municipality. Travnik…

  • Neretva

    Neretva (Cyrillic: Неретва, Italian: Narenta, pronounced [nɛ̌rɛtʋa]) is the largest river of the eastern part of the Adriatic basin. Four HE power-plants with large dams (higher than 15 metres) provide flood protection, power and water storage.

  • Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge

    The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge (Bosnian: Most Mehmed-paše Sokolovića Serbian: Мост Мехмед-паше Соколовића Turkish: Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Köprüsü) is a historic bridge in Višegrad, over the Drina River in eastern Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and…

  • Sarajevo Tunnel

    The Sarajevo Tunnel was constructed between May 1992 and November 1995, during the Siege of Sarajevo in the midst of the Bosnian War. It was built by the Bosnian Army in order to link the city of Sarajevo, which was entirely cut off by Serbian force…

  • Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

    The Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (Croatian: Hercegovačko-neretvanska županija; Bosnian: Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton) is the seventh of 10 cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Goražde

    Goražde (Cyrillic: Горажде, pronounced [ɡǒraʒde]), is a city and municiapality in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Drina river.

  • Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Southeastern Europe, in the western Balkans. It has a 956 km border with Croatia to the north and southwest, a 345 km border with Serbia to the east, and a 425 km border with Montenegro to the southeast.

  • Srebrenica Genocide Memorial

    The Srebrenica Genocide Memorial, officially known as the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the Victims of the 1995 Genocide, is the memorial-cemetery complex in Srebrenica set up to honour the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.

  • Foča

    Foča (Serbian Cyrillic: Фоча) is a town and a municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Drina river, in the Republika Srpska entity.

  • Željava Air Base

    Željava Airbase, situated on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina under Plješevica Mountain, near the city of Bihać, Bosnia, was the largest underground airport and military airbase in the former Yugoslavia, and one of the largest i…

  • Oskar Potiorek

    Oskar Potiorek (20 November 1853 – 17 December 1933) was an officer of the Austro-Hungarian Army, who served as Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1911 to 1914. He was a passenger in the car carrying Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his …

  • Livno

    Livno (Croatian pronunciation: [lǐːʋno]) is a town and municipality in Canton 10 (Herzeg-Bosnia County) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in western Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Konjic

    Konjic is a town and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in northern Herzegovina, around 50 kilometres (31 mi) southwest of Sarajevo. It is a mountainous, heavily wooded area, and is 268 m (879 ft) above sea level. The municipality…

  • Avaz Twist Tower

    The Avaz Twist Tower is a 176 m tall skyscraper in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the headquarters for Dnevni avaz, a Bosnian newspaper company. The tower is located in the Marijin Dvor city neighborhood, Sarajevo's central municipality.

  • Zvornik

    Zvornik (Cyrillic: Зворник, pronounced [zʋɔ̌rniːk]) is a city on the Drina river in north-eastern, Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated in the Republika Srpska entity. Zvornik is located south of Bijeljina.