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  • Trebišnjica

    Trebišnjica (Serbian Cyrillic: Требишњица) is a river in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It used to be a sinking river, 96.5 km (60.0 mi) long above the ground.

  • Ponir

    Ponir (Serbian Cyrillic: Понир) is a village in the municipality of Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Istočni Drvar

    Istočni Drvar (Serbian Cyrillic: Источни Дрвар) is a municipality in western Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the western part of the Republika Srpska entity and the central part of the Bosanska Krajina region.

  • Druga Gimnazija (Sarajevo)

    Druga gimnazija Sarajevo is a Sarajevo gymnasium school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in the center area of Sarajevo, it enrolls approximately 200 boys and girls annually. Although most of the students are from Sarajevo, the school also attract…

  • Dobretići

    Dobretići is a village and municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the youngest and smallest municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina hence being one of the poorest municipalities as well.

  • Buško Blato

    Buško Blato or Buško Jezero is an accumulation lake located on the south side of Livanjsko Polje and northwest of Duvanjsko Polje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Arnaudija Mosque

    Arnaudija Mosque, built in 1594, was a large mosque in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina before it was destroyed by the Army of Republika Srpska on 7 May 1993.

  • Otoka, Sarajevo

    Otoka is a part of Novi Grad, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, located within the Bosnian Federation. It shares borders with the following neighborhoods: Cengic vila (East side), Aneks (South-East side), Švrakino Selo (South side).

  • Šator

    Šator is a mountain in the Dinaric Alps, in the western regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The name šator means "tent". The highest peak Veliki Šator is 1,872 m (6,142 ft) a.s.l.

  • Pogrom in Krnjeuša

    The Pogrom in Krnjeuša of 9-10 August 1941 was an organized attack in the territory of the Catholic parish of Krnjeuša in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, carried out by Serb Chetniks against the local Catholic Croat population.

  • Pliva (river)

    Pliva is relatively small river in central parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, however one of the most significant in terms of natural, cultural and historical heritage and value as a natural rarity. For hundreds of years this region was the ultimate s…

  • Nova Topola, Gradiška

    Nova Topola (Serbian: Нова Топола, German: Windthorst) is a large village, originally founded by German settlers, in the municipality of Gradiška, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Banja Luka City Stadium

    Banja Luka City Stadium (Serbian Cyrillic: Градски стадион Бања Лука) is a multi-purpose stadium in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Cetin Castle

    The fortress of Cetin is situated 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of Cetingrad above the village of Podcetin, in Croatia. The time of foundation of Cetin is still unknown. There are some indications that the settlement existed there in the times of the …

  • Bay of Mali Ston

    Bay of Mali Ston (Croatian: Malostonski zaljev) is a bay in the Adriatic Sea, enclosed by the Pelješac peninsula and the mainland. The name primarily refers to the innermost, eastern part of the bay, while the name Channel of Mali Ston (Croatian: Ma…

  • Aluminij

    Aluminij d.d. Mostar is a company based in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and owned by Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Kamešnica (mountain)

    Kamešnica is a mountain in the Dinarides on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina (Canton 10) and Croatia (Dalmatia). It is 1,851 metres (6,073 ft) tall. It is part of the Dinaric Alps and is an extension of the Dinara range that stretches from …

  • Zrin Castle

    Zrin Castle (Gradina Zrin) is a ruined castle located in the village of Zrin, south of the town of Sisak in Dvor municipality, central Croatia.

  • Tvrdoš Monastery

    Tvrdoš Monastery (Serbian Cyrillic: Тврдош) is a 15th-century Serbian Orthodox monastery near the city of Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Tavna Monastery

    The Tavna Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Тавна) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located south of the city of Bijeljina in north-eastern Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The date of its foundation is unknown. The chronicles of monasteries Tron…

  • Rzav (Zlatibor)

    The Rzav (Bosnian Rijeka Rzav, Serbian Cyrillic: Рзав) is a river in western Serbia and eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 72 km long right tributary to the Drina river, it originates from two headstreams, the Crni Rzav and the Beli Rzav.

  • Rakovica, Croatia

    Rakovica is a village in south-central Croatia, in the region of Kordun south of Karlovac and Slunj, and north of the Plitvice Lakes. The total municipality population is 2,623 (2001), while the village itself has 356 residents. According to that ce…

  • Prebilovci

    Prebilovci (Cyrillic: Пребиловци) is a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the city of Čapljina (Чапљина). Prebilovci was first mentioned in the 15th century.

  • Livanjsko field

    Livanjsko field or Livanjsko polje (Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian: Livanjsko polje), located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the largest polje (karstic field) in the world.