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  • Porto Palermo Castle

    Porto Palermo Castle (Albanian: Kalaja e Porto Palermos) is a castle near Himarë in southern Albania. It is situated in the bay of Porto Palermo, a few kilometers south of Himarë along the Albanian Riviera.

  • Oricum

    Oricum or Orikos (Greek: Ὤρικος or Ὠρικός) was an ancient Greek city in the northern part of Epirus (modern south Albania), at the south end of the Bay of Vlorë. The city is an Archaeological Park of Albania.

  • Mother Albania (statue)

    Mother Albania (Albanian: Nëna Shqipëri) is a 12 m statue located at the National Martyrs Cemetery of Albania (Albanian: Dëshmorët e Kombit) in Albania, dedicated in 1971.

  • Mes Bridge

    Mes Bridge (Albanian: Ura e Mesit "bridge in the middle") is a bridge in the village of Mes, about five kilometres (straight line) northeast of Shkodër, in northwestern Albania. It was built in the 18th century, around 1780, by Kara Mahmud Bushati, …

  • Labëria

    Labëria is a historic region that is roughly situated in Southern Albania. Its inhabitants are known as Labs (referred to as Albanian: sing: Lab, pl. Lebër, also dial.

  • Karaburun Peninsula, Albania

    Karaburun Peninsula, Albania (Albanian: Gadishulli i Karaburunit, from Turkish Kara Burun, Black Cape) is the largest peninsula of Albania, located in the District of Vlorë, southwestern Albania, at the eastern side of the Strait of Otranto, where t…

  • Valbonë Valley National Park

    Valbona National Park, also called the “Albanian miracle of Alps”, is a part of Prokletije Mountains. Designated in 1996, the park covers 8,000 hectares including the Valbona Valley and the Valbona River and lies between high and craggy peaks border…

  • Tirana Park on the Artificial Lake

    The Tirana Park on the Artificial Lake or the Big Park of Tirana (Albanian: Parku i Madh), or even the Park of Saint Procopius (Albanian: Parku i Shën Prokopit), is a 230-hectare public park situated on the southern part of Tirana, Albania.

  • Straits of Corfu

    The Straits of Corfu or Corfu Channel is the narrow body of water along the coasts of Albania and Greece to the east separating these two countries from the Greek island of Corfu on the west.

  • Dimale

    Dimale (Greek: Διμάλη or Δίμαλλον, Latin: Dimallum) was an ancient town in Illyria, possibly situated in the territory of the Illyrian Parthini, northeast of the ancient Greek colony of Apollonia near modern Krotinë, Berat District, Albania.

  • Clock Tower of Tirana

    The Clock Tower of Tirana (Albanian: Kulla e Sahatit), was built in Tirana, Albania in 1822 by Haxhi Et'hem Bey, who also finished the building of the Et'hem Bey Mosque. The stairs have 90 steps that go in a spiral fashion.

  • Mount Tomorr

    Mount Tomorr is a large mountain located in modern-day southern Albania. Its highest peak, called Çuka e Partizanit, reaches a height of 2,416 m (7,927 ft).

  • Patos-Marinza Oil Field

    Patos Marinza is an Albanian oil field that was discovered in 1928. It is the biggest on-shore oil field in Europe, and with its 11,854 barrels (1,884.6 m3) every day the biggest oil producing field in Albania. The Patos Marinza oil field is located…

  • Mat (river)

    The Mat (definite Albanian form: Mati, Ancient Greek: Mathis, Μαθις) is a river in northern Albania. Its source is near Martanesh, in the Bulqizë District. It flows west towards the Mat District, which takes it name from the river, and northwest thr…

  • Besa Stadium

    Besa Stadium (Albanian: Stadiumi Besa) is a multi-use stadium in Kavajë, Albania. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Besa Kavajë.

  • Tanners' Bridge

    The Tanners' Bridge (Albanian: Ura e Tabakëve) is an 18th-century Ottoman period stone footbridge located in Tirana, Albania. The bridge, built near the Tanners' Mosque, was once part of the Saint George Road that linked Tirana with the eastern high…

  • Taivani

    Taivani or the Taiwan Center, is a restaurant complex, as well as a poly-functional recreation center located in Rinia Park, just south of Skanderbeg Square in downtown Tirana, Albania. Taivani is one of Tirana's most modern and frequented restauran…

  • Lurë National Park

    Lurë National Park, also known in English as Lura National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombetar i Lurës), is a park located in the municipality of Lurë in northeastern Albania. It encompasses 1,280 hectares on the eastern side of the Kunora e Lurës, the h…

  • Elbasan Castle

    Elbasan castle is a 15th-century fortress located in the city of Elbasan, Albania. The castle was initially composed of 26 equidistant 9 m (30 ft) high towers.

  • Skënderbeu Stadium

    Stadiumi Skënderbeu (Albanian pronunciation: [], English: Skenderbeu Stadium), is a multi-purpose stadium stadium in Korçë, Albania. The ground is currently the home of KF Skënderbeu Korçë.

  • Mount Nemërçkë

    Nemërçkë (definite Albanian form: Nemërçkë, Greek: Δούσκο, Dousko) is a long mountain in southern Albania and northern Greece. Over 90% of the mountain is located in Albania, where its highest peaks are found. The highest peak is Maja e Papingut whi…

  • Mallakastër

    Mallakastër (definite Albanian form: Mallakastra) is a region and a future municipality in Fier County, southwestern Albania. It will be created in 2015 by the merger of the present municipalities Aranitas, Ballsh, Fratar, Greshicë, Hekal, Kutë, Ngr…

  • Loni Papuçiu Stadium

    Loni Papuçiu Stadium (Albanian: Stadiumi Loni Papuçiu) is a multi-use stadium in Fier, Albania which is used as the home ground of local football club Apolonia Fier. It was built in 1958 and has been the Apolonia's home ground ever since. The stadiu…

  • Gjirokastër Fortress

    Gjirokastër Castle (Albanian:Kalaja e Gjirokastrës) is a fortress in Gjirokastër, Albania (historically known as Argyrokastro, a name then applied also to the castle).

  • Mount Çika

    Mount Çika (Albanian: Mali i Çikës) is a mountain in the south-western region of Albania bordering the Ionian Sea. The highest peaks of Çika are Maja e Çikës, the highest peak of the Ceraunian Range, standing at 2,044m above sea level and Maja e Qor…

  • Vivari Channel

    The Vivari Channel (Albanian: Kanali i Butrintit, also known as Butrinto River) links Lake Butrint in Albania with the Straits of Corfu, and forms a border of the peninsula of Butrint.

  • Shkodër Cathedral

    Shkodër Cathedral (Albanian: Katedralja e Shkodrës), also known as St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral or Kisha e Madhe (the Great Church) is a cathedral in the city of Shkodër in northwestern Albania.