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Antananarivo (/ˌæntəˌnænəˈrv/ or /ˌɑːntəˌnɑːnəˈrv/; Malagasy pronunciation: [antananaˈrivʷ]), formerly French Tananarive (/təˌnænəˈrv/ or /ˌtænənəˈrv/; French pronunciation: ​[tananaʁiv]), also known by its French colonial shorthand form Tana, is the capital and largest city in Madagascar. The larger urban area surrounding the city, known as Antananarivo-Renivohitra ("Antananarivo-Mother Hill" or "Antananarivo-Capital"), is the capital of Analamanga region. The city is located 1,280 m (4,199 ft) above the sea level in the center of the island, and has been the island's largest population center since at least the 18th century. Antananarivo was historically the capital of the Merina people, who continue to form the majority of the city's estimated 2.1 million (2013) inhabitants. All 18 Malagasy ethnic groups, as well as residents of Chinese, Indian, European and other origins, are well represented in the city. Antananarivo is the political, economic, educational and cultural heart of Madagascar. The Presidency, National Assembly, Senate and Supreme Court are located here, as are 21 diplomatic missions and the headquarters of many national and international businesses and NGOs. Antananarivo also hosts the largest number of universities, nightclubs, art venues, medical services and other social service institutions of any city on the island.

Latitude: -18° 55' 59.99" S
Longitude: 47° 30' 59.99" E

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