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The Maghreb (/ˈmæɡrɪb/ or /ˈmʌɡrəb/;Literally "sunset"; Arabic: المغرب العربيal-Maghrib al-ʻArabī, "the Arab West"; Berber: ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵖⴰ Tamazgha; previously known as Barbary Coast), or the Greater Maghreb (Arabic: المغرب الكبيرal-Maghrib al-Kabīr), is usually defined as much or most of the region of western North Africa or Northwest Africa, west of Egypt. The traditional definition as the region including the Atlas Mountains and the coastal plains of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, was later superseded, especially following the 1989 formation of the Arab Maghreb Union, by the inclusion of Mauritania and of the disputed territory of Western Sahara (mostly controlled by Morocco).

Population: 16,794

Latitude: 15° 27' 45.11" N
Longitude: 45° 19' 32.92" E

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