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Beruniy (Uzbek: Beruniy/Беруний; Karakalpak: Biruniy/Бируний; Russian: Беруни) is a small city in the Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan. It is located on the northern bank of the Amu Darya near Uzbekistan's border with Turkmenistan. The city is the seat of Beruniy District. Historically, Beruniy was known as Kath (Arabic/Persian: کاث‎‎; modern Uzbek: Kos) and served as the capital of Khwarezm during the Afrighid dynasty. In 1957, it was renamed "Beruniy" in honor of the medieval scholar and polymath Al-Biruni who was born here.

Population: 50,929

Latitude: 41° 41' 28.00" N
Longitude: 60° 45' 9.00" E

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