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Satellite map of Tuvalu

Tuvalu (/tˈvɑːl/ too-VAH-loo or /ˈtvəl/ TOO-və-loo), formerly known as the Ellice Islands, is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, midway between Hawaii and Australia. It comprises three reef islands and six true atolls spread out between the latitude of 5° to 10° south and longitude of 176° to 180°, west of the International Date Line. Its nearest neighbours are Kiribati, Nauru, Samoa and Fiji. Tuvalu has a population of 10,837 (2012 census).

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Latitude: -7° 28' 42.39" S
Longitude: 178° 40' 47.72" E

Population: 10,472

Capital: Funafuti

Country ISO codes: TV / TUV / 798

Oficial languages:
English (en), Samoan (sm)

Oficial coin(s): Dollar (AUD)

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