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Podolsk (Russian: Подольск; IPA: [pɐˈdolʲsk]) is an industrial city of Moscow Oblast, Russia, located on the Pakhra River (a tributary of the Moskva River).

Population: 179,400

Latitude: 55° 25' 27.08" N
Longitude: 37° 33' 16.99" E

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  • Foreign Intelligence Service (Russia)

    The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (Russian: Слу́жба вне́шней разве́дки, tr. Sluzhba vneshney razvedki; IPA: [ˈsluʐbə ˈvnʲɛʂnʲɪj rɐˈzvʲɛtkʲɪ]) or SVR RF (Russian: СВР РФ) is Russia's external intelligence agency, mainly for c…

  • Domodedovo International Airport

    Moscow Domodedovo Airport or Domodedovo International Airport (Russian: Московский аэропорт Домоде́дово; IPA: [dəmɐˈdʲɛdəvə]) (IATA: DME, ICAO: UUDD) is an international airport located on the territory of Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 42 kilom…

  • Vnukovo International Airport

    Vnukovo International Airport (Russian: Международный аэропорт Внуково; IPA: [ˈvnukəvə]) (IATA: VKO, ICAO: UUWW), is a dual runway international airport located 28 kilometres (17 mi) southwest from the centre of Moscow, Russia. It is one of the thre…

  • Gorki Leninskiye

    Gorki Leninskiye (Russian: Го́рки Ле́нинские) is an urban locality (a work settlement) in Leninsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) south of Moscow city limits and the Moscow Ring Road. Population: 3,586 (2010 Census…

  • Butovo firing range

    The Butovo firing range (Russian: Бутовский полигон) is the name of a location where more than 20,000 political prisoners were shot during the Great Terror of the Soviet Union and thereafter from 1938 to 1953. It is located in the Yuzhnoye Butovo Di…

  • Wullenweber

    The Wullenweber (the original name introduced by Dr. Hans Rindfleisch was Wullenwever) is a type of Circularly Disposed Antenna Array (CDAA) sometimes referred to as a Circularly Disposed Dipole Array (CDDA). It is a large circular antenna array use…

  • National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

    National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) / NRNU MEPhI, NIYaU MEPhI or MEPhI) (Russian: Национальный исследовательский ядерный университет “МИФИ” / НИЯУ МИФИ or МИФИ) is one of the most recognized technical un…

  • Domodedovo (town)

    Domodedovo (Russian: Домодедово; IPA: [dəmɐˈdʲɛdəvə]) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 37 kilometers (23 mi) south of Moscow. Population: 96,145 (2010 Census); 54,080 (2002 Census); 55,294 (1989 Census).

  • Ostafyevo International Airport

    Ostafyevo International Airport (Russian: Междунаро́дный аэропо́рт «Оста́фьево») (IATA: OSF, ICAO: UUMO) is a "B" class international airport, located 8.7 kilometres (5.4 mi) to the north of Podolsk. The airport is owned by Gazpromavia company, a di…

  • Bitsa Park

    Bitsevski Park (Russian: Битцевский парк) is one of the largest natural parks (forests) in Moscow, Russia. The park, traversed by the Chertanovka River and the Bitsa River, sprawls for some 10 km from north to south and covers the area of 18 square …

  • Transvaal Park

    Transvaal Park was a popular waterpark in Yasenevo, a south district of Moscow, Russia. With several large, heated pools, including a wave pool and twisting "river" for tubing, it became one of the most popular attractions in the Moscow area and a s…

  • Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant

    Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant (CJSC KSAP) (Russian: Климовский специализированный патронный завод) is an ammunition enterprise located in Russian town Klimovsk near Podolsk in the Moscow region. It is here that world-famous 7.62x39mm cartrid…

  • Klimovsk

    Klimovsk (Russian: Климовск; IPA: [ˈklʲiməfsk]) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 55 kilometers (34 mi) south of Moscow and 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) south of Podolsk.

  • Bulldozer Exhibition

    Bulldozer Exhibition (Russian: Бульдо́зерная вы́ставка) was an unofficial art exhibition on a vacant lot in the Belyayevo urban forest by Moscow avant-garde artists on September 15, 1974. The exhibition was forcefully broken-up by a large police for…

  • Shcherbinka

    Shcherbinka (Russian: Ще́рбинка) is a town, formerly in Moscow Oblast, Russia, and since July 1, 2012 a part of the federal city of Moscow, Russia. It is located 37 kilometers (23 mi) south of the center of Moscow.

  • Moscow Paleontological Museum

    The Orlov Museum of Paleontology (Палеонтологический музей им. Ю. А. Орлова) was founded by Paleontological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciencies in 1937 prior to the XVII session of the International Geological Congress.