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Magadan (Russian: Магадан; IPA: [məɡɐˈdan]) is a port town and the administrative center of Magadan Oblast, Russia, located on the Sea of Okhotsk in Nagayevo Bay in the Taui Bay and serving as a gateway to the Kolyma region.

Population: 95,282

Latitude: 59° 33' 49.68" N
Longitude: 150° 48' 12.49" E

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  • Mask of Sorrow

    The Mask of Sorrow (Russian: Маска скорби, Maska skorbi) is a monument perched on a hill above Magadan, Russia, commemorating the many prisoners who suffered and died in the Gulag prison camps in the Kolyma region of the Soviet Union during the 1930…

  • Nagayevo, Magadan

    Nagayevo (Russian: Нага́ево) was an urban-type settlement on the territory of what is now Magadan Oblast; a predecessor of the city of Magadan. It was founded in 1929 on the shore of Nagayev Bay. It rapidly grew, and in 1930 it was granted urban-typ…

  • Magadan-13 Airport

    Magadan-13 Airport (Russian: Аэропорт Магадан-13) (ICAO: UHMT) is a small airport in Russia located 10 km northeast of Magadan. It handles most propeller-driven transports. Regular passenger Ilyushin Il-14 aircraft were flying here in the 1950s and …