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Krutitsy Metochion (Russian: Крути́цкое подворье), full name: Krutitsy Patriarchal Metochion (Russian: Крутицкое Патриаршее подворье) is an operating ecclesiastical estate of Russian Orthodox Church, located in Tagansky District of Moscow, Russia, 3 kilometers south-east from the Kremlin. The name Krutitsy (pl.), i.e. steep river banks, originally meant the hills immediately east from Yauza River. Krutitsy Metochion, established in the late 13th century, contains listed historical buildings erected in the late 17th century on the site of earlier 16th century foundations. After a brief period of prosperity in the 17th century, Krutitsy was shut down by imperial authorities in the 1780s, and served as a military warehouse for nearly two centuries. It was restored by Petr Baranovsky and gradually opened to the public after World War II; in 1991-1996, Krutitsy was returned to the Church and re-established as the personal metochion of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

Latitude: 55° 43' 23.39" N
Longitude: 37° 39' 17.99" E

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