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Sheikhupura (Urdu: شَيخُوپُورہ‎) (Punjabi: شیخاپورا) is an industrial city of "The Rice Valley" of Subcontinent and capital of Sheikhupura District in the province of Punjab about 40 kms northwest of Lahore in Pakistan. It is the 16th largest city of pakistan. It is commonly known locally as Qila Sheikhupura, because of the fort (Urdu: qila) in the city, constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The name of the town and its fort was changed by him to Sheikhupura from earlier Virkgarh, deriving from a nickname of Jahangir, who was known as Sheikhu by his father Akbar the Great.

Population: 361,303

Latitude: 31° 42' 47.02" N
Longitude: 73° 58' 41.99" E

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  • Sheikhupura Stadium

    Sheikhupura Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Sheikhupura, Pakistan. It is currently used mostly for cricket matches. The stadium holds 15,000 people and hosted its first test match in 1996, when Pakistan played Zimbabwe there.

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