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Islamabad (/ɪzˈlɑːməˌbɑːd/; Urdu: اسلام آباد‎, Islāmābād, Urdu pronunciation: [ɪsˌlɑːmɑˈbɑːd̪]) is the capital city of Pakistan located within the Islamabad Capital Territory.

Population: 601,600

Latitude: 33° 43' 17.33" N
Longitude: 73° 02' 35.84" E

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  • Taxila

    Taxila (Punjabi, Urdu: ٹيڪسيلا‎) is a town and an important archaeological site in Rawalpindi district of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Taxila is situated about 32 km (20 mi) north-west of Islamabad and Rawalpindi; just off the famous Grand Trunk…

  • Airblue Flight 202

    Airblue Flight 202 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight which crashed on 28 July 2010 near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, killing all 146 passengers and six crew on board. It is the deadliest air accident to occur in Pakistan to date. The …

  • Bahria Town

    Bahria Town officially Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. is the largest real-estate developers and Investors in Pakistan and the largest private housing society in Asia. Bahria Town has establishments in Islamabad (Phase 2 to 7 and enclave), Rawalpindi (Phase …

  • Islamabad Capital Territory

    The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) (Urdu: وفاقی دارالحکومت‎) is one of the two federal territories of Pakistan. It includes Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, and covers an area of 1,165.5 km² (450 mi²) of which 906 km² (349.8 mi²) is Islam…

  • Supreme Court of Pakistan

    The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCOP) (Urdu: عدالت عظمیٰ پاکستان; Adālat-e-Uzma Pākistān) is the apex court in the judicial hierarchy of Pakistan, the final arbiter of legal and constitutional disputes. The Supreme Court has a permanent seat in Islam…

  • The Centaurus

    The Centaurus is a mixed use real estate development in Islamabad, Pakistan. Designed by British architectural firm WS Atkins, it comprises three skyscrapers, containing corporate offices, residential apartments and a 5-star hotel. The tallest skysc…

  • Chakwal District

    Chakwal District (Urdu: ضِلع چکوال‎) is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in between Rawalpindi, Attock, Mianwali, Khushab, and the Jehlum Districts. The large part of M2 passes through Chakwal District. The Best Way Cement Factory is the l…

  • Pakistan Monument

    The Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan, is a national monument representing the nation's four provinces and three territories. After a competition among many renowned architects, Arif Masood’s plan was selected for the final design. The bloomi…

  • Margalla Hills

    The Margalla Hills — also called the Margalla Mountain Range and simply known as Margalla, is a hill range part of the lesser Himalayas located north of Islamabad, Pakistan. Margalla Range has an area of 12,605 hectares. The hills are a part of Murr…

  • Rawal lake

    Rawal Lake (Urdu: جھیل راول‎) in Pakistan is an artificial reservoir that provides the water needs for the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Korang River along with some other small streams coming from Margalla Hills have been set to form this art…

  • Pir Sohawa

    Pir Sohawa is a rapidly developing tourist resort located 17 kilometers (11 mi) from Islamabad on top of Margalla Hills. It has a 3000 plus ft elevation and located in Monal village which is geographically part of Haripur District.