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Dokri (Sindhi: ڏوڪري ) is a town in Larkana District, Sindh province of Pakistan and is the capital town of the Dokri Taluka. The town is located at 27° 22' 29" N 68° 05' 50" E and has an elevation of 39 metres. Mohenjodaro is situated 7 km away in East-South of the Dokri town. The town has been the scene of several leftist and progressive movements in the past. There are girls and boys primary and secondary schools and colleges in the town. Rice Research Institute is situated in the west of the town along Mohen-jo-Daro Railway Station road. Dokri is famous for rice production in Asia due to the hot & humid climatic conditions. Dokri is taluka headquarters since 1906. Dokri is the one of the oldest town in sindh. There are many social organizations working here.

Latitude: 27° 22' 17.39" N
Longitude: 68° 05' 30.00" E

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