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Неготино is a city in Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of.

Population: 17,518

Latitude: 41° 52' 43.00" N
Longitude: 20° 53' 2.00" E

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  • Gorani people

    The Gorani or Goranci (Cyrillic: Горани or Горанци, meaning Highlanders, pronounced [ɡɔ̌rani] or [ɡɔrǎːntsi]) are a Slavic Muslim ethnic group inhabiting the Gora region - the triangle between Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia.

  • Mount Korab

    Mount Korab (Albanian: Maja e Korabit or Mali i Korabit; Macedonian: Голем Кораб, Golem Korab) is the highest mountain of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia, its peak forming a frontier between the two countries. The peak lies adjacent to the Šar…

  • Šar Mountains

    The Šar Mountains (Macedonian and Serbian: Шар планина/Šar planina) or Sharr Mountains (Albanian: Malet e Sharrit), is a mountain range in the Balkans that extends from Kosovo and the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia, to northeastern Albania.

  • Gostivar

    Gostivar (Macedonian: Гостивар [ˈɡɔstivar]; Albanian: Gostivari, Turkish: Gostivar), is a city in the Republic of Macedonia, located in the upper Polog valley region. It is one of the largest municipalities in the country with a population of 81,042…

  • Šarena Džamija

    Šarena Džamija, (Macedonian: Шарена Џамија; Albanian: Xhamia e Pashës; Turkish: Alaca Cami) meaning Decorated Mosque in English, is a mosque located near the Pena River in Tetovo, Macedonia.

  • Arabati Baba Teḱe

    The Arabati Baba Teḱe is a tekke located in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia. The tekke was originally built in 1538 around the türbe of Sersem Ali Baba, an Ottoman dervish. In 1799, a waqf provided by Recep Paşa established the current grounds of the …

  • Dragaš

    Dragaš, also known as Sharri and Dragash (Albanian: Sharri or Dragash; Bosnian: Dragaš; Serbian: Драгаш, Dragaš; Turkish: Dragaş), is a town and municipality in the Prizren district of southern Kosovo. The population of the town is approximately 33,…

  • State University of Tetovo

    State University of Tetova (Albanian: Universiteti Shtetëror i Tetovës; Macedonian: Државен универзитет во Тетово), located in Tetovo, is one of four Macedonia's state universities. The university was established on 4 June 1994, though not recognize…

  • Mavrovo Lake

    Mavrovo Lake (Macedonian: Мавровско Езеро, Mavrovsko ezero) is situated in the Mavrovo region, in the Mavrovo and Rostuša municipality of the Republic of Macedonia, less than 100 km from Skopje. Abundant with trout, Lake Mavrovo is used for recreati…

  • Čegrane

    Čegrane (Macedonian: Чегране; Albanian: Çegrani) is a village in the Polog statistical region of the Republic of Macedonia. The village lies in the east, approximately 7 km in distance from Gostivar.

  • Titov Vrv

    Titov Vrv (Macedonian: Титов Врв) is the highest peak in the Šar Mountain at 2,748 m. It is located about 13 mi (21 km) northwest of the Macedonian city of Tetovo near the border with Kosovo. The summit was named after former Yugoslav leader Josip B…