Latitude and longitude of Nabatîyé et Tahta

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Nabatîyé et Tahta is a city in Lebanon.

Population: 120,000

Latitude: 33° 22' 44.00" N
Longitude: 35° 29' 2.00" E

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GPS coordinates of Nabatîyé et Tahta, Lebanon

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  • 1996 shelling of Qana

    The 1996 shelling of Qana took place on April 18, 1996 near Qana, a village in Southern Lebanon, when the Israeli Defence Force fired artillery shells at a United Nations compound. Of 800 Lebanese civilians who had taken refuge in the compound, 106 …

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    Beaufort or Belfort Castle (Shaqif Arnun or Arabic:قلعة الشقيف Qala'at al-Shaqif ) is a Crusader fortress in Nabatieh Governorate, Southern Lebanon, about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) to the south-south-east of the village of Arnoun. There was a fortificat…

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