Latitude and longitude of Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan (FR)
  • Kasachstan (DE)
  • Kazajistán (ES)

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Kazakhstan (/ˌkɑːzəkˈstɑːn/ or /ˌkæzəkˈstæn/; Kazakh: Қазақстан Qazaqstan, pronounced [qɑzɑqˈstɑn]; Russian: Казахстан [kəzɐxˈstan]), officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in Central Asia, with its smaller part west of the Ural River in Europe. Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country by land area and the ninth largest country in the world; its territory of 2,724,900 square kilometres (1,052,100 sq mi) is larger than Western Europe. It has borders with (clockwise from the north) Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, and also adjoins a large part of the Caspian Sea. The terrain of Kazakhstan includes flatlands, steppe, taiga, rock canyons, hills, deltas, snow-capped mountains, and deserts. With an estimated 17 million people as of 2013 Kazakhstan is the 61st most populous country in the world, though its population density is among the lowest, at less than 6 people per square kilometre (15 people per sq. mi.).

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Latitude: 48° 00' 19.02" N
Longitude: 66° 54' 16.36" E

Population: 15,340,000

Capital: Astana

Country ISO codes: KZ / KAZ / 398

Oficial languages:
Kazakh (kk), Russian (ru)

Oficial coin(s): Tenge (KZT)

Neighbour countries:
China ( CN ), Kyrgyzstan ( KG ), Russian Federation ( RU ), Turkmenistan ( TM ), Uzbekistan ( UZ )

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