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Kaesong (Gaeseong; Korean pronunciation: [kɛsʰʌŋ]) is a city in North Hwanghae Province in the southern part of North Korea, a former Directly-Governed City, and the capital of Korea during the Taebong and subsequent Goryeo kingdoms. The city is near the Kaesong Industrial Region close to the border with South Korea and contains the remains of the Manwoldae palace. Called Songdo while it was the ancient capital of Goryeo, the city prospered as a trade center that produced Korean ginseng. Kaesong now functions as the DPRK's light industry centre.

Population: 338,155

Latitude: 37° 58' 14.99" N
Longitude: 126° 33' 15.98" E

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  • Axe murder incident

    The axe murder incident (Korean: 판문점 도끼살인사건; Hanja: 板門店도끼殺人事件,도끼蠻行事件; literally, Panmunjom axe murder incident) was the killing of two United States Army officers by North Korean soldiers on August 18, 1976, in the Joint Security Area (JSA) located …

  • Korean Demilitarized Zone

    The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ; Hangul: 한반도 비무장지대; hanja: 韓半島非武裝地帶) is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula; it was established at the end of the Korean War to serve as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. The DMZ is a de …

  • Kaesong

    Kaesong (Gaeseong; Korean pronunciation: [kɛsʰʌŋ]) is a city in North Hwanghae Province, southern North Korea (DPRK), a former Directly-Governed City, and the capital of Korea during the Koryo dynasty. The city is near the Kaesong Industrial Region …

  • Bridge of No Return

    Located in the Joint Security Area (JSA), the so-called "Bridge of No Return" crosses the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) between North Korea and South Korea. It was used for prisoner exchanges at the end of the Korean War in 1953. The name originat…

  • Kijong-dong

    Kijŏngdong, Kijŏng-dong or Kijŏng tong is a village in P'yŏnghwa-ri (Chosŏn'gŭl: 평화리; hancha: 平和里), Kaesong-si, North Korea. It is situated in the North's half of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

  • Panmunjom

    Panmunjom, located in Gyeonggi Province, is an abandoned village on the de facto border between North and South Korea, where the 1953 Korean Armistice Agreement that paused the Korean War was signed.

  • Camp Bonifas

    Camp Bonifas was a United Nations Command military post located 400 meters south of the southern boundary of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. It was 2,400 meters south of the military demarcation line and lies within the Joint Security Area (JSA), als…

  • North Korea Peace Museum

    The North Korea Peace Museum is in the building constructed to house the signing of the Korean War Armistice Agreement on 27 July 1953. It is located in the former village of Panmunjeom (P'anmunjŏm) in North Hwanghae Province, North Korea.

  • Imjin River

    The Imjin River (Hangul: 임진강 in South Korea) or Rimjin River (Chosŏn'gŭl: 림진강 in North Korea) is the 7th largest river in Korea. It flows from north to south, crossing the Demilitarized Zone and joining the Han River downstream of Seoul, near the Ye…

  • Kaesong Folk Hotel

    The Kaesong Folk Hotel is a tourist hotel located in Kaesong, North Korea, which opened in 1989. Housed in 19 traditional hanok-style courtyard houses, many of which date to the Joseon dynasty and retain their original furnishings. The complex has o…

  • Dora Observatory

    Dora Observatory is on the South Korean side of the 38th parallel. Situated on top of Dorasan (Mount Dora), the observatory looks across the Demilitarized Zone. It is the part of South Korea closest to the North. Visitors can catch a rare glimpse of…

  • Tomb of King Wanggon

    The Tomb of King Wanggŏn, more correctly known as the Hyŏllŭng Royal Tomb, is a mausoleum located Haesong-ri, Kaepung-gun near Kaesŏng, North Korea. The tomb belongs to the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty, Wanggeon, who adopted the name Taejo upon asc…