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Naeba Ski Resort (苗場スキー場, Naeba Sukī-jō) is a ski resort on the eastern slope of Mount Takenoko (筍山) in Yuzawa (湯沢町), Niigata Prefecture. This ski resort was formerly run by Kokudo, and currently is run by Prince Hotel, which merged with Kokudo in 2006. Naeba is one of the most popular ski resorts in Japan due to its accessible location from Tokyo and relatively long snow season with snow making machines. On the bottom, Naeba Prince Hotel, which has 1,299 rooms, 20 restaurants, convenience stores, and other facilities, serves skiers. On top of the hotel, skiers can choose their accommodations from various types of hotels and ryokans, some of which has hot spring baths, in nearby Asagai town. Naeba Ski Resort composes Mt. Naeba Ski Resort with Kagura Ski Areas by combining both areas with Doragondola.

Latitude: 36° 47' 34.08" N
Longitude: 138° 46' 40.92" E

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