Satellite map of 2005 Fukuoka earthquake

The Fukuoka earthquake struck Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan at 10:53 am JST on March 20, 2005, and lasted for approximately 1 minute. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) measured it as peaking at a magnitude of 7.0 (6.6) and named it and its subsequent aftershocks the Fukuoka Prefecture Western Offshore Earthquakes (福岡県西方沖地震, Fukuoka-ken Seihō Oki Jishin). The quake occurred along a previously unknown fault in the Genkai Sea, North of Fukuoka city, and the residents of Genkai island were forced to evacuate as houses collapsed and landslides occurred in places.

Latitude: 33° 44' 10.79" N
Longitude: 130° 10' 18.00" E

Nearest city to this article: Shingū

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