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Narita-san (成田山 "Narita mountain") Shinshō-ji (新勝寺 "New victory temple") is a Shingon Buddhist temple located in central Narita, Chiba, Japan. It was founded in 940 by Kanchō Daisōjō, a disciple of Kōbō Daishi. It is a lead temple in the Chisan branch (Chisan-ha 智山派) of New Shingon (Shingi Shingon 新義真言宗), includes a large complex of buildings and grounds, and is one of the best-known temples in the Kantō region. It is dedicated to Fudō myōō ("Unmovable Wisdom King", known as Ācala in Sanskrit), who is usually depicted holding a sword and rope and surrounded by flames.

Latitude: 35° 47' 9.89" N
Longitude: 140° 19' 5.92" E

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