Latitude and longitude of Mursili's eclipse

Satellite map of Mursili's eclipse

The solar eclipse mentioned in a text dating to the reign of Mursili II could be of great importance for the absolute chronology of the Hittite Empire within the chronology of the Ancient Near East. The text records an "omen of the sun," linked to the tenth year of Mursili's reign, which appeared just as he was about to launch a campaign against the Kingdom of Azzi-Hayasa in north-eastern Anatolia. According to the current debate, there are two possible candidates for the eclipse: 13 April 1308 BC or 24 June 1312 BC. The 1312 BC date is accepted by most Hittitologists, e.g.

Latitude: 38° 12' 0.00" N
Longitude: 13° 41' 60.00" E

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GPS coordinates of Mursili's eclipse, Italy

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