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Volsinii or Vulsinii (Etruscan: Velzna or Velusna; Greek: Ouilsinii, Οὐολσίνιοι; Οὐολσίνιον), is the name of two ancient cities of Etruria, one situated on the shore of Lacus Volsiniensis (modern Lago di Bolsena), and the other on the Via Clodia, between Clusium (Chiusi) and Forum Cassii (Vetralla). One was Etruscan and was destroyed by the Romans in 264 BC at the conclusion of an attempted revolution by its slaves.

Latitude: 42° 38' 24.59" N
Longitude: 11° 59' 5.39" E

Nearest city to this article: Bolsena

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