Latitude and longitude of HVDC Italy–Greece

Satellite map of HVDC Italy–Greece

The HVDC Italy–Greece is a monopolar submarine power cable link between Italy and Greece with a maximum transmission power of 500 megawatts. It went in service in 2001. The HVDC Italy–Greece begins in the static inverter plant Galatina situated at (40°9′53″N18°7′49″E) in Italy and is implemented in its first 43 kilometres (27 mi) as underground cables. Then it crosses the Ionian Sea as a 160 kilometres (99 mi) long submarine cable. It reaches shore just a few kilometres south of Albanian border at (39°41′00″N20°1′09″E) where the 110 kilometres (68 mi) long overhead line to Arachthos static inverter station situated at (39°11′00″N20°57′48″E) starts.

Latitude: 40° 09' 31.80" N
Longitude: 18° 07' 29.40" E

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