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Even Yehuda (Hebrew: אֶבֶן יְהוּדָה) is a town in the central Sharon region of Israel east of Netanya.

Population: 9,282

Latitude: 32° 16' 10.52" N
Longitude: 34° 53' 15.32" E

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    Mossad (Hebrew: הַמוֹסָד‎, IPA: [ha moˈsad]; Arabic: الموساد‎, al-Mōsād; literally meaning "the Institute"), short for HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim (Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים‎, meaning "Institute for Intelligence and Speci…

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  • Netanya

    Netanya (Hebrew: נְתַנְיָה, lit., "gift of God") is a city in the Northern Central District of Israel, and is the capital of the surrounding Sharon plain. It is located 30 km (18.64 mi) north of Tel Aviv, and 56 km (34.80 mi) south of Haifa, between…

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    The Coastal Road massacre of 1978 was an attack involving the hijacking of a bus on Israel's Coastal Highway in which 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, were killed, and 71 were wounded. The attack was planned by Abu Jihad and carried out …

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    The White City (Hebrew: העיר הלבנה‎, Ha-Ir HaLevana) refers to a collection of over 4,000 buildings built in a unique form of the Bauhaus or International Style in Tel Aviv from the 1930s by German Jewish architects who immigrated to the British Man…

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    The Tel Aviv District (Hebrew: מָחוֹז תֵּל אָבִיב) is the smallest and most densely populated of six administrative districts of Israel with a population of 1.2 million residents. It is 99.0% Jewish and 1.0% Arab (0.7% Muslim, 0.3% Christian).

  • Passover massacre

    The Passover massacre was a suicide bombing carried out by Hamas at the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel on 27 March 2002, during a Passover seder. Thirty civilians were killed in the attack and 140 were injured. It was the deadliest attack against Isr…

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    Ramat HaSharon (Hebrew: רָמַת הַשָּׁרוֹן, lit. Height of the Sharon) is a city located on Israel's central coastal strip in the south of the Sharon region, bordering Tel Aviv to the south, Hod HaSharon to the east and Herzliya and Kibbutz Glil Yam t…