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Patras (Modern Greek: Πάτρα, Greek pronunciation: [ˈpatra], Classical Greek and Katharevousa: Πάτραι (pl.), Greek pronunciation: [pátrai̯], Latin: Patrae (pl.)) is Greece's third largest city and the regional capital of Western Greece, in northern Peloponnese, 215 km (134 mi) west of Athens.

Population: 168,034

Latitude: 38° 14' 39.98" N
Longitude: 21° 44' 3.98" E

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  • Achaea

    Achaea (/əˈkə/) or Achaia (/əˈkə/), sometimes transliterated from Greek as Akhaïa (Greek: Αχαΐα Achaïa, [axaˈia]), is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of West Greece and is situated in the northwestern part of the Pe…

  • Rio–Antirrio bridge

    The Rio–Antirrio bridge (Greek: Γέφυρα Ρίου-Αντιρρίου), officially the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge after the statesman who first envisaged it, is one of the world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges and the longest of the fully suspended type.

  • University of Patras

    University of Patras (Greek: Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών, Panepistímio Patrón) is a university established in 1964 in Patras, Greece. Initially housed in the city centre, the university's campus is now located in the adjacent municipality of Rio. Covering a…

  • Gulf of Patras

    The Gulf of Patras (Greek: Πατραϊκός Κόλπος Patraikós Kólpos) is a branch of the Ionian Sea. On the east, it is closed by the Strait of Rion between capes Rio, Greece and Antirrio, near the Rio-Antirio bridge. On the west, it is bounded by a line fr…

  • Saint Andrew of Patras

    Saint Andrew of Patras (Agios Andreas, Άγιος Ανδρέας in Greek) is a Greek Orthodox basilica in the east side of the city of Patras in Greece. Along with the old church of St. Andrew (which lies in a close distance) it constitutes a place of pilgrima…

  • Calydon

    Calydon (/ˈkælɨdɒn/; Greek: Καλυδών; gen.: Καλυδῶνος) was an ancient Greek city in Aetolia, situated on the west bank of the river Evenus, 7.5 Roman miles (approx.

  • Mornos

    The Mornos (Greek: Μόρνος) is a river in Phocis and Aetolia-Acarnania in Greece. Its source is in the southwestern part of the Oiti mountains, near the village Mavrolithari, Phocis. It flows towards the south, and enters the Mornos Reservoir near th…

  • Evinos

    The Evinos (Greek: Εύηνος) is a 92 km long river in western Greece, flowing into the Gulf of Patras. Its source is in the northern Vardousia mountains, near the village Artotina, Phocis. The river flows in a generally southwestern direction, for mos…

  • Glafkos (river)

    The Glafkos (or Glaucus) is a river in Greece. It flows into the Gulf of Patras (Ionian Sea) in Patras. The first hydroelectric power plant was built on this river. Currently, it is open to the public as a museum.

  • Varasova

    Varasova (Greek: Βαράσοβα) is a limestone mountain in the southern part of Aetolia-Acarnania in western Greece. It rises steeply from the coast of the Gulf of Patras to 917 m elevation. It is situated just east of the mouth of the river Evinos, 3 km…

  • Peiros

    The Peiros (Greek: Πείρος) is a river in the central and the northwestern parts of Achaea, Greece. The river is known locally under several names including Kamenitsa (Καμενίτσα), Mellas (Μέλλας), Pieros (Πίερος), Nezeritiko (Νεζερίτικο), Prevedos (Π…

  • Kastraki, Phocis

    Kastraki (Greek: Καστράκι, before 1927: Ομέρ Εφένδη - Omer Efendi) is a village in Phocis, Greece, part of the municipal unit Efpalio. It is near the left bank of the river Mornos and 3 km from the Gulf of Corinth.

  • Prosfygika Stadium

    Prosfygika Stadium (Greek: Γήπεδο Προσφυγικών, Gipedo Prosfygikon) is a football (soccer) stadium in Patras, Greece. It is named after its first refugees that arrived from Asia Minor in 1922, a region now part of Turkey, following the Greco-Turkish …