Latitude and longitude of Néa Tríglia

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Néa Tríglia is a town in Greece.

Population: 3,071

Latitude: 40° 18' 20.70" N
Longitude: 23° 12' 23.76" E

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GPS coordinates of Néa Tríglia, Greece

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  • Olynthus

    Olynthus (Ancient Greek: Ὄλυνθος Olinthos, named for the olunthos, the fruit of the wild fig tree) was an ancient city of Chalcidice, built mostly on two flat-topped hills 30–40m in height, in a fertile plain at the head of the Gulf of Torone, near …

  • Potidaea

    Potidaea (/ˌpɒtɪˈdə/; Greek: Ποτίδαια, Potidaia) was a colony founded by the Corinthians around 600 BC in the narrowest point of the peninsula of Pallene, the westernmost of three peninsulas at the southern end of Chalcidice in northern Greece.

  • Nea Moudania

    Nea Moudania (often referred to as Moudania, which is the name of the municipal unit the town belongs to) is the seat of the municipality of Nea Propontida, Chalkidiki, Greece and its main town. The town is located 60 km south of Thessaloniki and is…

  • Flogita

    Flogita (Greek: Φλογητά), is a coastal village in Chalkidiki, Greece, 52 km from Thessaloniki and 6 km from Nea Moudania. The village, in the municipality of Nea Propontida, is built on a hill overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf.