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Mount Parnitha (Greek, modern: Πάρνηθα, ancient/Katharevousa: Πάρνης Parnis/Parnes; sometimes Parnetha) is a densely forested mountain range north of Athens, the highest on the peninsula of Attica, with an elevation of 1,413 m, and a summit known as Karavola (Καραβόλα). Much of the mountain is designated a national park, and is a protected habitat for wildfowl, first created in 1961. The summit is located 18 km N of Acharnae and about 30 km N of Athens, while the mountain covers approximately 250 km² of land.

Latitude: 38° 10' 24.24" N
Longitude: 23° 43' 2.64" E

Nearest city to this article: Thrakomakedónes

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