Latitude and longitude of Kaména Voúrla

Satellite map of Kaména Voúrla

Kaména Voúrla is a village in Greece.

Population: 2,761

Latitude: 38° 46' 42.38" N
Longitude: 22° 47' 8.63" E

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GPS coordinates of Kaména Voúrla, Greece

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    Phthia (/ˈθə/; Greek: Φθία or Φθίη; transliterations: Fthii [Modern], Phthíē [Ancient]) in ancient Greece was the southernmost region of ancient Thessaly, on both sides of Othrys Mountain and Farsala.

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    Phthiotis (Greek: Φθιώτιδα, Fthiótida, [fθiˈotiða]; ancient Greek and Katharevousa: Φθιώτις) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the administrative region of Central Greece. The capital is the city of Lamia. It is bordered by the M…

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    Kallidromo (Greek: Καλλίδρομο) is a mountain in southeastern Phthiotis and northeastern Phocis, in Central Greece. Its maximum elevation is 1,399 m. The Kallidromo lies south of the Malian Gulf, east of Mount Oeta and north of the Cephissus valley. …