Latitude and longitude of Guernsey

  • Guernesey (FR)
  • Guernsey (Kanalinsel) (DE)
  • Guernsey (ES)

Satellite map of Guernsey

Guernsey (/ˈgɜ:nzi/, /ˈɡɜrnzi/ GURN-zee), officially the Bailiwick of Guernsey (French: Bailliage de Guernesey, IPA: [bajaʒ də ɡɛʁnəzɛ]), is a possession of the British Crown in right of Guernsey in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy. As a bailiwick, Guernsey embraces not only all ten parishes on the island of Guernsey, but also the islands of Alderney and Sark – each with its own parliament – and the smaller islands of Herm, Jethou and Lihou. Although its defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom, the Bailiwick is not part of the United Kingdom but rather a possession of the British Crown. It lies within the Common Travel Area of the British Isles and is not a member of the European Union, but has a special relationship with it, being treated as part of the European Community for the purposes of free trade in goods.

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Latitude: 49° 27' 47.04" N
Longitude: -2° 35' 17.20" W

Population: 65,228

Capital: Saint Peter Port

Country ISO codes: GG / GGY / 831

Oficial languages:
English (en), French (fr)

Oficial coin(s): Pound (GBP)

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