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Surami (Georgian: სურამი) is a small town (daba) in Georgia’s Shida Kartli region with the population of 9,800.

Population: 10,091

Latitude: 42° 01' 27.52" N
Longitude: 43° 33' 20.02" E

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  • Gori, Georgia

    Gori (Georgian: გორი) is a city in eastern Georgia, which serves as the regional capital of Shida Kartli and the centre of the homonymous administrative district. The name is from Georgian gora (გორა), that is, "heap", or "hill".

  • Borjomi

    Borjomi (Georgian: ბორჯომი) is a resort town in south-central Georgia with a population estimated at 14,445. It is one of the districts of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region and is situated in the northwestern part of the region in the picturesque Borjom…

  • Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

    Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti (Georgian: სამეგრელო-ზემო სვანეთი) is a region (Mkhare) in western Georgia which includes the historical Georgian provinces of Samegrelo (Mingrelia) and Zemo Svaneti (i.e., Upper Svaneti) and has Zugdidi as its capital.

  • Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

    The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park (BKNP) (Georgian: ბორჯომ-ხარაგაულის ეროვნული პარკი, borjom-kharagaulis erovnuli parki) is a protected area in central Georgia, situated in the Lesser Caucasus, southwest to the nation's capital of Tbilisi.

  • Zestaponi

    Zestafoni or Zestaponi (correct pronunciation - Zestaphoni [zɛstʼapʰɔni]) (Georgian: ზესტაფონი) is the administrative center of Zestafoni District in Western Georgia. Zestafoni is the center of an ancient, historical part of Georgia - Margveti, whic…

  • Surami

    Surami (Georgian: სურამი) is a small town (daba) in Georgia’s Shida Kartli region with the population of 9,800. It is a popular mountain climatic resort and a home to a medieval fortress.

  • Likani

    Likani (Georgian: ლიკანი) is a townlet in Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti region, located at the west end of the town of Borjomi in the Borjomi Gorge, some 160 km west of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.

  • Kornisi

    Kornisi (Georgian: ყორნისი, q'ornisi) or Znaur(i) (Ossetian: Знауыр, Znawyr) is an urban village, and the administrative centre of the Znaur district of South Ossetia, partially recognized republic in the South Caucasus, formerly the South Ossetian …

  • Greater Liakhvi River

    The Greater Liakhvi River (Georgian: ლიახვი, Ossetian: Стыр Леуахи, Styr Leuakhi) is a river in central Georgia, which rises on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in the de facto independent region of South Ossetia and flows …

  • Avnevi

    Avnevi (Georgian: ავნევი; Ossetian: Аунеу, Awnew) is a small village in South Ossetia, a region of Georgia whose sovereignty is disputed. Avnevi is located 873 meters above sea level and 109 kilometers from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

  • Zeda Sakara

    Zeda Sakara (also known as Sakara Verkhnyaya) is a community in the west of Georgia, about 40 km to the southeast of Kutaisi at an elevation of about 264 m, in the Zestaponi District.