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Kutaisi (Georgian: ქუთაისი; ancient names: Aea/Aia, Kotais, Kutatisi, Kutaïsi) is the legislative capital of Georgia, and its second largest city, after the capital Tbilisi.

Population: 178,338

Latitude: 42° 16' 4.48" N
Longitude: 42° 41' 40.52" E

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  • Bagrati Cathedral

    The Cathedral of the Dormition, or the Kutaisi Cathedral, more commonly known as Bagrati Cathedral (Georgian: ბაგრატი; ბაგრატის ტაძარი, or Bagratis tadzari), is the 11th-century cathedral church in the city of Kutaisi, the region of Imereti, Georgia.

  • Vani

    Vani (Georgian: ვანი) is a town in Imereti region of western Georgia, at the Sulori river (a tributary of the Rioni river), 41 km southwest from the regional capital Kutaisi.

  • Zestaponi

    Zestafoni or Zestaponi (correct pronunciation - Zestaphoni [zɛstʼapʰɔni]) (Georgian: ზესტაფონი) is the administrative center of Zestafoni District in Western Georgia. Zestafoni is the center of an ancient, historical part of Georgia - Margveti, whic…

  • Baghdati

    Baghdati (Georgian: ბაღდათი) is a town of 4,800 people in the Imereti region of western Georgia, at the edge of the Ajameti forest on the river Khanistsqali, a tributary of the Rioni.

  • Martvili

    Martvili (Georgian: მარტვილი) is a small town in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province of Western Georgia. Its monastery was Samegrelo's clerical centre in the Middle Ages.

  • Tsqaltubo

    Tsqaltubo (Georgian: წყალტუბო) is a spa resort in west-central Georgia. It is located at around (42°20′23″N42°35′57″E). It is the main town of the Tsqaltubo district of the Imereti province.

  • Tkibuli

    Tkibuli or Tqibuli (Georgian: ტყიბული) is a town in west-central Georgia, Imereti Region. It is located at around (42°20′39″N42°59′24″E). It is situated at the northern edge of Imereti region, close to the region of Rach'a, at the foot of Nakerala …

  • Nokalakevi

    Nokalakevi (Georgian: ნოქალაქევი) also known as Archaeopolis (Greek Αρχαιόπολις, literally meaning "ancient town") and Tsikhegoji ("Fortress of Kuji"), is a village and archaeological site in the Senaki municipality, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, G…

  • Khoni

    Khoni (Georgian: ხონი) is a town in the Western Georgian region (mkhare) of Imereti with the population of 11,300 (2002 Georgia census). It is situated on the left bank of the Tskhenistkali River in the north-west of Imereti, close to the border wit…

  • Zeda Sakara

    Zeda Sakara (also known as Sakara Verkhnyaya) is a community in the west of Georgia, about 40 km to the southeast of Kutaisi at an elevation of about 264 m, in the Zestaponi District.

  • David Abashidze Stadium

    David Abashidze Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Zestafoni, Georgia. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Zestafoni. The stadium is able to hold 4,100 people and opened in 1952. Zestafoni David Abashidze Stadium (for…

  • Kveda Sakara

    Kveda Sakara (also known as Sakara Nizhnyaya) is a community in the west of Georgia, about 40 km to the southeast of Kutaisi at an elevation of about 263 m, in the Zestaponi District of the Imereti province (not to be confused with nearby Zeda Sakar…